Modernizing Legacy Systems for Mobile Use is Still a Top Challenge for IT

PowWow Mobile partnered with Enterprise Mobility Exchange to survey IT professionals about where their companies currently stand in the mobile application space and how much of their legacy systems need to be mobilized. From our findings, we learned that enterprises large and small have an incredible amount of data and workflows that need to be modernized for multiple mobile devices. Simply put, mobility must be a top priority for any company, but less than five percent of enterprise legacy applications have been mobilized. In the infographic, you will find how surveyed companies are mobilizing their current systems and the challenges they are facing in the app development process.

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The Digital Workplace: Rethinking Your Path to Enterprise Application Mobilization

From business to personal, mobility is now a part of our everyday lives, and business users everywhere expect and want to use their mobile devices to enhance their personal and professional productivity. Read today's blog to learn why traditional approaches to mobile app development don't work and the importance of following transformative approaches.

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How SmartUX Differs from Traditional Mobile App Development Platforms (MADP)

With so many different mobile app development platforms on the market, your organization may be unsure of where to start or what makes each different. Watch the three videos in this blog by Jonathan Kaplan, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at PowWow Mobile, to learn how SmartUX is changing the enterprise and standing out from traditional MADPs.

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3 Enterprise “Smart” App Trends That Are Transforming Business

In a recent article published in EnterpriseAppsTech, Kia Behnia, CEO of PowWow Mobile discussed the three enterprise “smart” app trends that are transforming business processes in 2017. EnterpriseAppsTech is a thought leadership resource for CIOs, business app developers, CTOs, business IT and mobilization professionals. According to a recent report from Forrester, organizations will spend [...]

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Case Study: Increased Efficiency and Competitive Advantage with Enterprise Mobile Apps

The average employee saves 7.5 hours a week using enterprise mobile apps for their daily business tasks and processes. Our customer, Tracker Corporation, a leading solution provider for I-9, E-Verify, and immigration compliance turned to PowWow Mobile to transform their custom-built web application into a modern mobile app. The organization serves hundreds of thousands of [...]

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PowWow Mobile Wins Best Case Study Presentation Award at Enterprise Transformation Exchange Summit 2016

Last week in West Palm Beach FL, PowWow Mobile CEO Kia Benhia presented 5 enterprise mobility case studies to the executives in attendance at ET Exchange 2016. Kia’s presentation garnered PowWow Mobile the Best Case Study Presentation Award, beating out Apple/Insight, SyncDog and Zimperium. According to the ET Exchange press release, “awards were voted [...]

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Why PowWow Mobile Acquired Enterprise Mobility Company StarMobile

Yesterday, PowWow Mobile announced our forthcoming acquisition of StarMobile, a rapid mobile development platform (RMAD) provider headquartered in Atlanta. StarMobile emerged out of Georgia Institute of Technology’s Advanced Technology Development Center (ATDC) and immediately was viewed as one of the highest-potential company’s in our industry. With almost $6 million in seed money and another [...]

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