In a recent article published in EnterpriseAppsTech, Kia Behnia, CEO of PowWow Mobile discussed the three enterprise “smart” app trends that are transforming business processes in 2017. EnterpriseAppsTech is a thought leadership resource for CIOs, business app developers, CTOs, business IT and mobilization professionals.

According to a recent report from Forrester, organizations will spend billions of dollars on digital transformation initiatives this year, with much of the budget going towards mobile app enterprise app development and deployment. The goal of these organizations embracing digital transformation strategies are to improve agility, customer-focus and efficiency among their teams.

Behnia explains three smart app trends to expect including the integration of mobile apps with native mobile device feature including GPS, camera, touch ID, and push notifications, the security and seamlessness of mobile app workflows and apps becoming smarter with the advancement of chatbots to improve the efficiency of day-to-day tasks.

As organizations think through their digital transformation strategies in 2017, it is important that they consider enterprise mobile app development platforms that can provide these smart features as well as integrate seamlessly with existing data systems to give users the data they need to make informative decisions and improve existing workflows.

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