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The app for simplifying approvals and accelerating your digital workplace


The app for simplifying approvals and accelerating your digital workplace

Consolidate Approvals and Unleash Productivity with QuickApprove

Approvals are a necessary yet cumbersome function within every organization. With approvals being critical to running any business, if delayed due to a manager traveling or inability to access a PC, can result in delayed projects and lost business. Not to mention the overwhelming complexity involved in navigating multiple systems with inconsistent UI and a different set of login credentials which leaves employees and managers frustrated.

With PowWow’s QuickApprove app, access a unified view of all approval requests, enable notifications for new or overdue requests and quickly approve, reject or snooze approvals from the tap of your wrist with the consolidates approvals pre-built app template.

Modernizing Legacy Systems


Modernizing Legacy Systems


Modernizing Legacy Systems


Modernizing Legacy Systems


Modernizing Legacy Systems


Modernizing Legacy Systems

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  • Improve employee productivity and satisfaction

  • Better business decisions for increased competitive advantage

  • Reduce operational drag and improve your bottom line

  • Streamline and simplify multiple complex workflows

  • One unified view into all approvals

  • Digitize paper-based processes for increased compliance

  • Enable “mobile-moments” with anytime, anywhere, any device access

  • Minimize time spent on low-priority tasks, giving more time back to focus on what really matters

  • Engage employees with modern and intelligent experiences they expect

  • Audit trail for heightened visibility into employee activity


  • Simplify workflows, unifying all systems into one self service app

  • Notifications for new or overdue requests

  • Dive deeper into detailed view when needed

  • Respond quickly with Accept, Reject or Snooze

  • Add notes and comments on any request if necessary

  • Upload photos or attach files right from your smartphone

  • Set reminders to review approvals when it works for you

  • Enable push notifications based on your schedule and location

  • Customize template to meet your companies brand standards

  • Use out of the box or add custom touches and actions

  • Includes connectors for Salesforce, Expensify, ServiceNow and SAP

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