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SmartUX Explorer

Transform systems of record into systems of engagement

SmartUX Explorer

Transform systems of record into systems of engagement

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Simplify & extend business apps to mobile

Despite the mobile-first world we live in, the majority of work still takes place using important legacy desktop and web-based applications. These business-critical systems are not going away anytime soon and as a result, organizations need to equip their employees with simplified and modernized access to the workflows and data they need most. However, the effort to integrate custom workflows, data and logic can be daunting and traditional mobile app development tools are unable to meet the rapid demands and pace of modern business. It’s time to re-think your path to enterprise application modernization and transform your systems of record into systems of engagement.

With SmartUX Explorer, create more sophisticated, intuitive and simplified user interactions that leverage and extend existing investments in applications, data, logic, rules and integrations without having to start from scratch or alter source code. Whether you need to provide a new modern interface to existing systems or you need to simplify and extend application workflows to mobile, SmartUX is the only solution that can transform any application into a modern, intelligent system of engagement with no disruptions to your business.

Connect Anything Everywhere

Modernize Legacy Applications

Modernize business-critical Web, Windows, Java and legacy mainframe applications, effortlessly transforming legacy backend into mobile apps via drag-and-drop.

Connect Anything Everywhere

Extract & Model Your Data & Workflows

Extract your business applications into structured data models securely accessible and re-usable across the SmartUX ecosystem.

Connect Anything Everywhere

Blockify Your Application

Turn components of your legacy application into reusable blocks that you can leverage throughout your mobile app.

Legacy Modernization

SmartUX Explorer empowers business teams and citizen developers to effortlessly modernize business-critical applications, from web to windows applications, and even mainframe applications, transforming legacy into modern experiences and unlocking critical functionality. Through intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, Explorer simplifies extracting data and workflow elements from systems and unlocks the true value of your trapped data.

Preserve Logic

All logic in your enterprise’s application UI is reflected in the mobile app, saving valuable time and effort when deploying the new app.

Preserve Integrations

Rebuilding integrations and logic is over 80% of the cost of building mobile apps. PowWow SmartUX preserves the existing logic, back-end data integrations, and all of your data sources. SmartUX uses a transformed version of the UI component so that it’s integration to back-end systems is still intact. You don’t need to rebuild existing integrations.

Lower Your Maintenance Costs

Rather than building a parallel infrastructure, use your existing one. SmartUX preserves logic and integrations so that updates to the original desktop application migrate forward into the new app. Upgrades to lists and dynamically created fields are automatically reflected in your mobile apps.

Connect to Any Application or System

SmartUX can connect to any packaged, cloud-based enterprise applications and custom-built systems, even legacy mainframe applications, no API’s needed.

Extract and Re-Use Only the Data that Matters

Meaningful Structured Data

Easily extract data from more than one business-critical application, creating a Mashup of multiple workflows and data sources, into one unified mobile app. Our patented transformation process allows users to visually select what data to extract from their business applications, creating meaningful data models that can be leveraged across the mobile app, and even create reusable modules for use across an entire portfolio of apps.

Create Reusable Blocks from your Data

Don’t let data access slow you down. Seamlessly connect to any packaged, cloud-based, or custom-built system, workflow or any data source with or without APIs. SmartUX mitigates integration hurdles and eliminate complexity, providing a high productivity platform for visual data mapping.

Drag & Drop Data

Seamlessly drag-and-drop elements from your Source Application to create Page Models or structured data objects.

Powerful Extraction Tool

Select and extract the right data or event from the DOM tree of any applications.

Connect Page Models to Screen Models

Easily connect and associate your page models to screen models, creating a relationship between your extracted Application data and the screens you have designed in Studio.

5 Benefits of Modernizing Enterprise Applications

“With PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform, we were able to modernize and extend
one of our core product’s out to thousands of users on mobile devices quickly,
with no disruptions to our business.”

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Transform systems of record into systems of engagement

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