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Enterprise Mobility Bytes | Week of – May 7 – 13, 2018

Digital Transformation: Five Tips To Take It To The Next Level

If you are feeling stuck in your digital transformation work, you are not alone. One of the hardest questions in digital transformation is how to get over the initial humps from vision to execution. It creates angst: Many CIOs and organizations think they lag far behind their peers on transformation, when that isn’t the case.

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Consumer Spending On Mobile Apps: Five Takeaways For Enterprises

Smartphone users love their apps, and if consumer spending is any indication, that interest won’t fizzle out anytime soon. In fact, mobile app downloads and purchases continue growing year over year. In 2017, US iPhone users spent 23 percent more on in-app purchases than they did in 2016, according to new data from app store intelligence firm Sensor Tower, as reported by TechCrunch. On average, active users spent $58 in 2017, up from $47 in 2016. They also installed four more apps in 2017 than they did in 2016.

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Q1 Tablet Shipments Show 35 Percent Decline, But This Was Expected

IT hardware market research firm TrendForce reported May 10 that global tablet shipments for the first calendar quarter of 2018 recorded only 31.3 million units, a steep quarterly decline of 35 percent.

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Microsoft Launcher For Android Coming To Enterprise Users

During the day two keynote for Build 2018, Microsoft announced that Microsoft Launcher is headed to the enterprise. A secure version of the Android launcher will be available in the future with the ability for IT administrators to manage apps and notifications for employees.

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Citrix Unveils Industry’s First Digital Workspace

Digital transformation, cloud and new work styles are forcing businesses to rethink how and where technology is deployed and secured. This week at Citrix Synergy, Citrix is unveiling new innovations that support the shift to people-centric computing, enabling organizations to deliver a superior work experience that unifies everything an employee needs in one place, while meeting the strictest compliance and security needs of the organization.

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Seven Common Failures Plague Board Room Strategy In Digital Transformation

Faced with massive pressure to embark on their digital journey, boards and CEOs have sought case studies and examples of success to avail without realizing that each journey remains unique. While there are many proof of concepts in play, much of the innovation in play requires a transformational mindset.

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Windows Is Back On Your Phone, And This Time It’s A Good Thing

Microsoft unveiled new tools that enable mobile users to access the Windows experience on the smartphones at its annual Build developer conference. Even though Microsoft stopped Windows 10 Mobile development, the company is expanding support for smartphone users on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems. As part of its Microsoft 365 strategy, Microsoft will allow users to view the contents of their phone on their Windows 10 PC and bring desktop features, such as the new Timeline experience, to mobile phones.

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Apple Kicks Out iOS Apps That Share Location Data Without Asking You First

Apple has removed a bunch of apps in the App Store that send location data to third parties without obtaining user consent, according to a report. Apple is informing some developers with apps in the App Store that upon re-evaluation their apps violate sections 5.1.1 and 5.1.2 of the App Store Review Guidelines, 9to5Mac reports. The sections concern data collection and storage, and data use and sharing.

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Optimizing An Artificial Intelligence Architecture: The Race Is On

As AI architecture improves and costs decrease, experts say enterprise adoption will go up, spurring yet more innovation and benefits for businesses and AI vendors alike.

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Four Key Challenges To Digital Transformation Projects

The World Economic Forum calculates that digitization could deliver $100 trillion in value to global businesses across the next decade. However, not every business will succeed in gaining a share of this due to failing to overcome impediments.

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Mobile Application Development Trends Away From Native

End users don’t want to be bothered by notifications and a complicated interface. Learn how one MADP vendor is adapting to current user demands.

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Microsoft Shows What It Would Be Like To Live In A World Where A.I. Is Everywhere

At its big conference for developers on Monday, Microsoft executives were showing what it will be like to live in a world infused with artificial intelligence. Cortana, the company’s digital assistant and its rival to Amazon Alexa and Apple’s Siri, is at the heart of Microsoft’s effort to embed voice and image recognition into more of its services. Microsoft representatives demonstrated how artificial intelligence could help drones spot anomalies they see from above and recognize the people who come into a conference room for a meeting, speedily transcribing what they say.

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Inside-Out Digital Transformation

The digital revolution has overhauled the way businesses deliver their products and services, at last putting the customer front and centre. Today’s customers have evolving expectations and increasingly demand more of the companies they spend their money with. If businesses can’t keep up with, or exceed, those expectations, people will simply go elsewhere.

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Red Hat Advances OpenShift With IBM, Microsoft Integrations

Red Hat kicked off is annual summit in San Francisco on May 8, announcing new partner integrations with IBM and Microsoft, as well as detailing the future direction of its OpenShift Kubernetes container orchestration platform.

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Digital Transformation: How Is Your Organization Adapting?

Talk of digital transformation is everywhere—at conferences, at the watercooler, in the boardroom. And organizations are at various stages in the process. Some are appointing a chief digital officer (CDO), while others are looking to their CIO or CTO to lead the way. But successful transformation isn’t about a functional role; it’s a way of thinking.

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Bringing Instant Scale Using Containerization

Containers make it easier to build applications, but they can also make managing IT operations more complex. Organizations must bridge this gap to reap the agility and elasticity benefits that containers can offer.

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Virtustream – Dell’s Forgotten Cloud Designed For Legacy Enterprise Applications

When Dell acquired EMC almost two years ago, it inherited several components that didn’t seem to mesh, much less compliment Dell’s existing product portfolio. One of the most interesting, yet ironically peripheral to Dell’s core business, is the Virtustream cloud service that EMC itself just bought a year earlier.

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Mobile Operators Look For Ways To Monetize Content As Voice, Data Revenue Fall

For the next few months, mobile phone users in India can expect to be flooded with special deals on music, sports, regional video channels, religious programs and games as operators try to figure out how best to make money out of content. India’s top mobile phone companies have started taking baby steps towards what could be their next big revenue driver — monetizing content.

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For Digital Transformation, CFOs Are Loosening The Purse Strings

One of the common complaints from IT executives is how difficult it is to get funding for innovative technology projects. But the desire to digitally transform businesses for competitive reasons has changed things, and finance executives are loosening up the purse strings considerably. A recent survey of more than 300 CFOs and financial leaders by audit, tax, and advisory firm Grant Thornton LLP in partnership with CFO Research shows that more than two-thirds (69 percent) plan to increase their investment in technologies that speed business change in the coming year. About 40 percent of the executives plan a spending increase of more than 10 percent in the next 12 months.

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Moving To The McCloud: How McDonald’s Pulled Off A Digital Transformation

The McDonald’s supply chain is one of the largest in the world — No. 2 by Gartner’s estimates — and every day goes to work filling 71 million orders across 6,000 menu items, according to Abhi Bhatt, director of data and analytics at McDonald’s, speaking at Talend Connect in New York City on Tuesday. Already at more than 100 terabytes, the company’s data grows with every mobile order, Uber Eats delivery and purchase beneath the iconic golden arches. Feeding 1 percent of the global population every day is no small demand on business infrastructure and intelligence, and McDonald’s had to complete a digital transformation to harness all this data and support global operations at a scale many companies could only imagine.

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