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Core Technology

The PowWow Mobile SmartUXTM Platform architecture consists of a comprehensive set of components allowing you to leverage your existing legacy applications, and to create rich app experiences that dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of mobile development.

Watch Jonathan Kaplan, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer of PowWow Mobile give an overview and demonstration of SmartUXTM Platform.


SmartUXTM Platform Architecture

The SmartUXTM Platform is open and extensible. Our “containerization” layer that leverages enterprise virtualization solutions is open to any type of existing enterprise application. In addition, PowWow Connect is extensible and enables standards-based integration via REST to disparate database sources.The SmartUXTM Platform scales horizontally with the Smart Proxy and Smart Controller based on concurrent users connections, from any type of device. With integrated replication and caching for optimum mobile screen response times, there is little management overhead when deploying at any scale.

PowWow Mobile delivers rich mobile user experiences. SmartUXTM Studio and its imbedded Client Services layer allow you turn every mobile app into a modern, smart mobile experience.