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People Finder

The app for connecting and unifying your organization in one-tap

People Finder

The app for connecting and unifying your organization in one-tap

Solve the People Discovery Problem with People Finder

Navigating the complexity of enterprise employee directories can be a daunting and time consuming experience when at a PC but when on the go and needing to just click to dial, it’s a non-starter. Not to mention the challenges of having to find a fellow co-worker to accomplish a task and forced to search through 50,000 people only increases friction and wastes valuable time.

With PowWow’s People Finder app, quickly search for any contact in your company, view organization’s reporting structure and immediately connect with colleagues in one-tap with our employee directory pre-built app template.


  • Quickly search for any contact in your organization

  • See all details including social media info and location

  • Immediately connect with one-tap calling and messaging

  • View organization reporting structure including direct reports and manager

  • TouchID for quick future access

  • Supports Active Directory, Google and SharePoint (AD) out of the box

  • Fully extensible for iOS, Android & HTML5 Native Applications


  • Enable “mobile-moments” with anytime, anywhere, any device access to the people and information you need

  • Minimize time spent on low-priority tasks, giving more time back to focus on what really matters

  • Engage employees with the modern and intelligent experiences they expect

  • Streamline and simplify finding the right contact when you need it

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