Today, the team at PowWow Mobile is excited to announce the release of our SmartUX™ Platform version 5.0. With these new enhancements, we are helping our customers simplify collaborative processes between IT and business teams with new levels of speed, visibility and controls.

As the most powerful platform for the rapid design and deployment of enterprise mobile apps, SmartUX 5.0 debuts pre-built app templates to accelerate the creation of mobile app projects as well as enhanced role-based permissions that provide individual users or departments with access to projects, as well as the capability to preview and share apps with specific teams. In addition, we are also excited to announce the new SmartUX™ Dashboard, an end-to-end suite of analytics and performance monitoring for apps built on the SmartUX Platform.

With this platform enhancement release, our goal at PowWow is to provide our customers with a solution that not only breaks down complex processes that occur with enterprise app development, but one that breaks down the barriers that commonly exist between IT and business users.

As a CTO, I know that collaboration between technical and non-technical teams isn’t always simple. We want to make that easier for our customers with our simple-to-use platform that encourages a streamlined experience when developing business apps.

Here are a few new collaborative features that SmartUX 5.0 includes:

Micro-App Templates and Universal App Templates – Our new app templates were designed with speed and productivity in mind. Micro-app templates give your non-technical users the ability to mobilize common organizational workflows and tasks including time cards, multi-system approvals and corporate directories.

New universal templates provide a more granular set of pre-built interfaces that are commonly used in all apps such as login, list view, calendars and shopping carts. These templates are designed to be easily dropped into new or existing SmartUX projects while maintaining the customer’s existing data model of source applications including SAP, Oracle and PeopleSoft.

SmartUX DashboardOur new SmartUX Dashboard is an advanced end-to-end analytics suite that provides our customers with comprehensive real-time and historical insights into the adoption, usage and performance of mobile apps that are deployed with the SmartUX Platform. With access to a rich set of data, our users can now customize and create a myriad of reports and graphs based on desired criteria for a specific user or an entire department or organization.

Role Based Permissions – With role-based permissions, business users have the ability to innovate while still giving IT the security and control they need. These permissions are designed to provide collaborative development across multiple departments and projects, allowing for centralized access control and project visibility.

At PowWow Mobile, we are excited to empower our customers with a complete end-to-end platform, giving them the ability to design, build and deploy mobile apps that their users will love, quicker than ever before.

Learn more about SmartUX 5.0.