The average employee saves 7.5 hours a week using enterprise mobile apps for their daily business tasks and processes. Our customer, Tracker Corporation, a leading solution provider for I-9, E-Verify, and immigration compliance turned to PowWow Mobile to transform their custom-built web application into a modern mobile app.

The organization serves hundreds of thousands of new hires annually and needed to extend their custom-built web application to their mobile workforce. While they initially planned to develop the mobile app internally, they found it would be more efficient and cost effective to use PowWow’s SmartUX Platform to modernize their applications.

With the SmartUX Platform, Tracker eliminated their traditional paper-based processes with a streamlined and secure self-service solution in only three weeks.

Faster Time to Market

“With PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform, we were able to modernize and extend one of our core product’s out to thousands of users on mobile devices quickly, with no disruptions to our business. This allowed us a faster time to market and provided a significant competitive advantage. We could have never achieved this level of speed and economy building this ourselves.” 

– Brian Fancher, Vice President of I-9 Product Management & Chief Compliance Officer, Tracker Corporation.

Compliance with Federal Security Requirements

As a compliance and verification solution, Tracker was required to meet several Federal security standards on gathering personal information on new hires. With PowWow Mobile, the organization was able to deploy an enterprise mobile app that met all technical and Federal security requirements without any changes to their existing applications, and no disruptions to their business processes.

A Simple and Intuitive User Experienceiphone6_v2

Prior to the deployment of Tracker’s I-9 Complete mobile app, employers relied on manual processes that required the use of copiers, scanners and copious amounts of paper. With the mobile app, employers can now complete new hire processes from anywhere on their mobile devices; and with the ability to leverage the devices smart features, users can capture signatures, driver’s license information and social security numbers with increased speed and simplicity.

This required information was collected on the I-9 Complete mobile app securely, without storing personal information or images on the mobile device.

Instant ROI

Within two months of deploying the mobile app, Tracker had 20,000 employees utilizing it to complete Form I-9, a number that continues to increase 40% month-over-month. According to their estimates, the organization has experienced a labor savings of 70 percent to achieve the equivalent levels of compliance. What once took hours or days with paper-based processes, now only takes minutes and a few taps on a mobile device.

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