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Start fast and stay fast with app templates

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Quick Start Apps

Start fast and stay fast with app templates

Templates deliver the ultimate experience in speed and productivity.

Micro-App Templates allow for rapid mobile enablement of common organizational tasks including employee timecards, multi-system approvals and corporate directories. With SmartUX, users can start with pre-built micro-apps and customize them to their needs without having to recreate a bunch of new screens. Quickly and simply, deploy micro-apps to your users, alleviating paper-based or legacy processes and saving your workforce valuable time.

Jumpstart your app delivery projects with these popular app templates:

People Finder

Quickly search for any contact in your company, view organization’s reporting structure and immediately connect with colleagues in one-tap with the employee directory pre-built app template.

Time Cards

Quickly and easily log your time spent per day or week, from anywhere and at anytime, ensuring you never miss a beat with the time cards pre-built app template.


Access a unified view of all approval requests, enable notifications for new or overdue requests and quickly approve, reject or snooze approvals from the tap of your wrist with the consolidates approvals pre-built app template.

Universal Templates

Users never need to build an application from scratch because Universal Templates provides an extensive library of pre-built template screens including login, list view, data entry forms, calendars, shopping carts and many others. These universal templates can be dropped into new or existing SmartUX projects to accelerate the development process.

Further, users can leverage screens that were built in other mobile apps using Studio and import those screens as templates into new projects. This feature not only speeds up time to market, but also adds design consistency across mobile apps in an organization, resulting in increased adoption.

Re-Use Data & Logic

When building an app for a source application such as SAP, Oracle or Peoplesoft, the associated universal template also maintains the appropriate data model of the source application. This capability further accelerates the development of mobile apps, alleviating the need to re-map the existing application data to the new mobile app.

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