PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform accelerates mobile app development for your organization by transforming your existing Windows and web applications and workflows into modern mobile experiences or; by creating net new apps that connect to any third-party data source, API or SQL.

Since PowWow’s platform can transform any of your existing systems of record into modern business mobile apps while preserving data and existing integrations, your users can spend more time designing apps instead of re-writing existing business logic or building from scratch.

With so many different mobile app development platforms on the market, your organization may be unsure of where to start or what makes each different. Watch the three videos below by Jonathan Kaplan, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at PowWow Mobile, to learn how SmartUX is changing the enterprise and standing out from traditional MADPs:

How SmartUX is Different From MADPs

With SmartUX, organizations can not only re-use their existing applications data and logic but, they can also create net-new mobile first apps, incorporating new functionality, or create apps leveraging a combination of both. Using the SmartUX Studio, our powerful visual editor, coupled with our transformation engine for deconstructing any existing application whether they are Web, Windows, or Java-based and our SmartConnect, allowing you to connect to any third party data source – users can design and deploy powerful mobile apps faster and simpler than building with traditional mobile app development platforms (MADPs).



Don’t Rip and Replace, Modernize and Mobilize In Place

One of the most common barriers to implementing new technology in an organization isn’t just the cost, but the time to deploy it to users. The PowWow Mobile approach to modernizing legacy technology for the new mobile ecosystem is to focus first on design. Leveraging your existing infrastructure, PowWow’s SmartUX Platform allows you to design new modern work experiences that seamlessly connect into your systems of record and allows for any changes on the back-end to also flow seamlessly through to the new mobile app and vice versa. Our solution allows you to deploy new modern interfaces for any endpoint for a fraction of the cost and time it would take to rip and replace and start from scratch.




How the SmartUX Development Framework Works

A common problem with mobility is device fragmentation, making it complicated for organizations to deploy mobile apps across all platforms without expensive native developers for iOS, Android, and Windows. SmartUX is a “best of breed” platform, employing a hybrid framework that allows users to take advantage of the native device features such as speech to text, or GPS, camera, etc., but with the speed and simplicity of writing once and deploying to any framework. SmartUX does this by using such technologies as Cordova, a mobile application development framework that gives developers full access to native capabilities on any mobile device, and a JavaScript interface, a common coding language that the vast majority of developers can use proficiently. With this combination of technologies, organizations can reduce the time and cost of deploying a business mobile app to their users with less specialized development teams, but with more powerful mobile features.



To learn how PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform is helping our customers modernize their existing applications, click here to read a case study on how we helped mobilize custom-built web applications.