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The PowWow SmartUX solution offers an inherently secure mobile app lifecycle using authentication, identity management and technologies supported by a vast open-source community to deliver enterprise-grade security and complete user confidence.

Context-Aware Security

Through advanced Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and Active Directory authentication integration, PowWow solutions enforces contextual security to restrict access not only per app, but also on a per-component or feature-level, enforcing access compliance for all users. PowWow enables context-aware app security from screen to field level when designing apps, effortlessly creating policy templates that enact data content protection through placing restrictions on unauthorized app behavior.

context-aware security

Extend Existing Security & Authentication

Best in Class App authentication mechanisms include LDAP, Active Directory, SSO, Ockta, SAML and Kerberos to secure user credentials. Apps built with SmartUX™ easily inherit popular OS and device-specific security features including geo-fencing, hardware encryption and fingerprint authentication. Going further than any other low-code app development solution, PowWow features app server authentication, symmetric key exchange, encryption and verification all performed on a per-session basis.

No Data at Rest

The platform ensures that no data remains at rest, or resides on a specific physical device (mobile device) or is archived or stored in some way on a physical device. By ensuring that inactive data is non-persistent on a hard-drive or mobile device, PowWow ensures sensitive data is not compromised, thanks to advanced EMM integration. IT departments are able to optionally enable Smart Caching to persist data on a per-field contextually.

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Dedicated Container Per Session

PowWow leverages a popular open source disposable Docker container architecture that permanently deletes app session data immediately upon closing or terminating a user or app session. The “containerization” layer leverages secure enterprise virtualization solutions to connect with any other existing enterprise application.

Encrypted Communications

Encryption is vital in data protection during data in transit, and as such, PowWow solutions encrypt data prior to transit, through end-to-end encrypted connections (HTTPS/SSL) to protect the contents of data. Through EMM, enabling firewall and VPN access not only at application level but, on per-screen and per-field level, PowWow also ensures that access is only exposed to the right users, in the right locations.

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Advanced EMM Integration

PowWow readily integrates with all major Enterprise Mobility Management solutions such as VMware AirWatch, MobileIron, Blackberry Dynamics, Citrix XenMobile, etc. EMMs offer a suite of security mechanisms such as profile based app distribution, identity management, per-app VPNs, geo-fencing, content lockers, etc. Integrations with EMM providers allow mobile apps constructed using the SmartUX Platform to leverage all such security capabilities.

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