Why Us?

PowWow Mobile is redefining the mobile enterprise from office to edge device

Why Us?

PowWow Mobile is redefining the mobile enterprise from office to edge device

Why Us?

PowWow Mobile is redefining the mobile enterprise from office to edge device

The way we work has forever changed, business is now an anytime, anywhere digital workplace.

The new generation of digital users needs the freedom to explore, integrate and pull information in short order – when and where they need it and from any device. Companies that can’t deliver these types of omni-channel experiences face being obsolete. As a result, businesses are challenged with how to reinvent their existing systems of record for the digital future that are needed to drive innovation, modernize and streamline business processes and capitalize on untapped revenue streams.

Mobile is the new scale and business mobile apps are fueling growth for the enterprise. Gartner predicts that by 2022, 70% of software interactions in enterprises will occur on mobile devices. However, most organizations have deployed less than 7 apps due to complex systems, a lack of skilled resources and high development costs. As a result, this slow time to value has driven business leaders to take their budget elsewhere to get the job done, creating more risk and friction for IT.

That’s why PowWow Mobile is redefining the mobile enterprise. Our SmartUX Platform simplifies and extends business apps to mobile, delivering new and intelligent “enterprise to edge” experiences that empower employees with actionable insights wherever they are and whenever they need it. Unlike traditional development that relies on specialized, scarce resources, or lightweight, insufficient tools that are unable to scale, our product enables the business to decrease time to market for the apps users crave while giving IT the command and control they need to ensure enterprise-grade security and compliance. And all of this for a fraction of the cost and time.

Apps Without Limits

The consumerization of mobility is fueling the need for enterprises to support next-generation apps that are secure from the start, context aware, simple and intuitive, and provide a seamless experience for end-users across all devices. With PowWow SmartUX, there are no limits to the apps you can create. Seamlessly connect to anything and everything, build an app once and provide device-optimized experiences from office to edge device – smartphones, desktop, tablets, wearables and more – with the click of a button. Leverage pre-built templates for the ultimate in speed and reusability, ensuring rapid time to market. Deliver right-time experiences with context aware notifications, enabling users to never miss a beat.


Connect to Anything & Everything

Seamlessly connect to any application, workflow or data source, with or without APIs. PowWow SmartUX is the only rapid mobile app platform that can transform all your systems of record into powerful modern app experiences.


Omni-channel Experiences

With BYOD you never know what device the users are using, which forces organizations to find ways to simplify and streamline omni-channel app design, development, deployment, and management. Hand-coding apps for multiple devices is no longer an option, it’s too expensive, slow, and complex to manage. PowWow SmartUX allows you to easily design and build for any iOS, Android, Windows 10 or HTML5 compatible device without the need to use device specific programming languages.


Intelligent & Context Aware

Create connected, proactive and context-aware experiences across all platforms. With SmartUX Studio, easily drag-and-drop smart device features like camera, GPS, Fingerprint sensor and more. Extend to the edge with voice based assistants and location-based notifications for right-time interactions.


Mobile Moments – Micro Apps to Mashup Apps

Mobile users are looking to perform specific tasks within specific contexts and apps must be thought of in terms of ‘right-time moments’. Right-time moments enable the right user with the right data at the right time on the right device. Mobile users do not want to navigate through multiple screens to do what they need so understanding how to deliver the right app experience is key. SmartUX has just what you need to deliver rich, right-time mobile moments to a diverse workforce.


Pre-Built Templates

Templates deliver the ultimate experience in speed and productivity. With pre-built universal app and screen templates, users now have access to everything they need to quickly create amazing mobile apps with simple, codeless drag-and-drop capabilities, as well as the ability to add unique touches with custom code, when needed. Templates both decrease time to market and ensure design consistency across mobile apps in an organization, resulting in increased adoption and compliance.


Deploy Anywhere, Any Device

Run Anywhere. Run on any public, private or hybrid cloud, or on-premises.
Your Device, Your Choice. Deploy your apps purpose-build for PC, laptop, tablet, phone, or watch. Design Once, For All Devices. With SmartUX Studio, design once and run on any OS – Windows 10, iOS, Android, HTML5.

Legacy Modernization

Despite the mobile-first world we live in, the majority of work still takes place using important legacy desktop and web-based applications. These business-critical systems are not going away anytime soon and as a result, organizations need to equip their employees with simplified and modernized access to the workflows and data they need most. However, the effort to integrate custom workflows, data and logic can be daunting and traditional mobile app development tools are unable to meet the rapid demands and pace of modern business. It’s time to re-think your path to enterprise application modernization and transform your systems of record into systems of engagement.

With PowWow’s SmartUX, create more sophisticated, intuitive and simplified user interactions that leverage and extend existing investments in applications, data, logic, rules and integrations without having to start from scratch or alter source code. Whether you need to provide a new modern interface to existing systems or you need to simplify and extend application workflows to mobile – SmartUX is the only solution that can transform any application into a modern, intelligent system of engagement with no disruptions to your business.

  • Preserve Logic

    All logic in your enterprise’s application UI migrates to the mobile app, saving valuable time and effort when deploying the new app.

  • Preserve Integrations

    Rebuilding integrations and logic is over 80% of the cost of building mobile apps. PowWow SmartUX preserves the existing logic, back-end data integrations, and all of your data sources. SmartUX uses a transformed version of the UI component so that it’s integration to back-end systems is still intact. You don’t need to rebuild existing integrations.

  • Lower Your Maintenance Costs

    Rather than building a parallel infrastructure, use your existing one. SmartUX preserves logic and integrations so that updates to the original desktop application migrate forward into the new app. Upgrades to lists and dynamically created fields are automatically reflected in your mobile apps.

Enable Citizen Development

The traditional app development processes that long required IT departments to have an army of developers with extensive coding skills and backgrounds is quickly being replaced with codeless and low-code solutions that dramatically increase time to market over traditional approaches. With increasing pressure from the business to create and deploy new mobile apps, IT is embracing citizen development initiatives to handle the surge in demand, deliver apps faster, mitigate shadow IT and close the app gap by democratizing app development at scale.

PowWow’s rapid mobile app platform, SmartUX, empowers citizen developers with a self-service, drag and drop, composite environment that allows users to easily create modern omni-channel experiences that connect to any enterprise or cloud data source, with or without APIs and securely deliver hybrid apps to virtually any device.

Drive Digital Transformation with Citizen Development
  • Low Code / No Code.

    Deploy cross-platform native apps with our low-code SmartUX Platform, drop down into the JavaScript for custom work or utilize our SmartUX Studio for easy codeless app creation.

  • Simple and Seamless.

    Easily design and build for any Windows 10, iOS, Android or HTML5 compatible device without the need to use device specific programming languages.

  • Standardize Security & Governance.

    Mitigate shadow IT and rouge business apps by setting standards and publishing acceptable governance and security controls for individual mobile apps or an entire portfolio of apps. With SmartUX, security and operations teams can ensure standards and guidelines are set once and deployed everywhere.

  • Drag and Drop Elements.

    Access powerful native device capabilities by simply dragging and dropping features like bar code scanning, voice assistance, camera, maps, and geo-fencing.

  • Continuous innovation.

    After you deploy your mobile apps, you can add features or make immediate changes without having to repeat the app store approval process. New changes flow seamlessly through to the mobile app.

  • Personalized Workflows.

    to all your users with role based apps for specific personas such as managers, power users, and infrequent users, delivering personalized apps that solve specific problems.

Accelerated Time to Value


Reduce backlog and empower Citizen Developers to put mobile apps in the fast lane. SmartUX significantly accelerates time to market, increases agility and eliminates the need for expensive development resources. With SmartUX, our customers are able to deliver omni-channel apps for 50% less than traditional mobile app development platforms or custom-building. Our open source capabilities ensure enterprises gain rapid time to value for modern enterprise app needs. Accelerate design and development with pre-built templates, global styling and custom component creation, enabling unparalleled speed and re-usability at design time, for a simple and seamless mobile app deployment.

Want to customize your apps even further? No problem. Our low-code environment makes it easy to extend your apps with your own custom code. And, because SmartUX is an open, standards-based platform, you can ensure no vendor lock in or need to learn new skills or languages. With SmartUX build apps once and deploy anywhere, on any device (PC, Tablet, Smartphone or Watch). Do not be held back by point solutions or extensive built platforms that promise speed and under deliver. Unleash available resources to enable fast app deployments, increase time to market all while allowing you to continuously iterate and innovate.

End-to-End Secure

The PowWow SmartUX solution is a rapid mobile app platform purpose-built with end-to-end enterprise-grade security. The PowWow SmartUX solution offers an inherently secure mobile app lifecycle using authentication, identity management and technologies supported by a vast open-source community to deliver enterprise-grade security and complete user confidence.

End-to-End Security

security icon

Innovate for the Future

Digital transformation is here and you need an approach that enables your organization to keep the lights on while also innovating for the future. Maintaining mission-critical systems is important but its time to re-think your path to application modernization and mobilization while maintaining agility and testing new approaches that rapidly address challenges and solve pain-points in short order. You need a solution that can tackle today’s app backlog but can also scale with you and your organization, as new ways of computing and interacting with data become the norm. Your teams have to build new, innovative apps quickly, but without risking core business operations.

To do this, you need a trusted partner that allows the freedom and flexibility to scale, mitigates proprietary lock-in and innovates for the future. PowWow Mobile is a trusted partner for large organizations across every industry. Corporations rely on a continuous modernization cycle for existing apps ensuring greater ROI, productivity and efficiency benefits for users. Our solution helps customers solve today’s challenge of address the increase in demand for mobile apps that run on any device as well as innovate for the future with support for Chat Bots, machine learning, facial recognition, augmented reality and wearable’s. Take a tour of the SmartUX Platform and experience the power of wow!

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