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Create Wow-Worthy Mobile Apps on Any Device

  • Deliver Twice as Fast
    and Under Budget
  • Mobilize Any Legacy
    Application or Workflow,
    Connect to Anything
  • Design Apps Your
    Users Will Love
  • Leverage and Extend
    Your Existing Investment
  • Make Smarter
    Enterprise Mobile Apps
    With Less Code
  • Run Anywhere,
    On Any Mobile Device

Deliver Twice as Fast and Under Budget

As consumers, we do everything on our mobile devices. However, most leading organizations have mobilized less than 5% of the applications and workflows their employee’s access daily. The reason is the same across the board: Mobilizing enterprise applications is costly, complex and time-consuming. PowWow Mobile has a disruptive, new approach to mobilizing the enterprise. It’s faster than traditional mobile development and much more cost effective.

PowWow Mobile SmartUX vs. Traditional Development

  • Faster: PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX provides a single rapid mobile app development platform to design brand new modern, intuitive user interfaces for your enterprise applications and data sources. We combine user experience and design with the front-end development to rapidly transform your front end. On the back end, SmartUX preserves your existing business logic and integration, and connects your mobile app to any legacy application. Fast deployment and real-time updates to your app allow you to continuously iterate and innovate.
  • Simpler: Designing and deploying enterprise-grade apps has never been simpler. With PowWow’s SmartUX Studio, users have access to a library of pre-built templates to streamline the creation of mobile app workflows. These quick start templates make it easy to get up and running fast with easy drag-and-drop smart functionality, simple configuration options and rapid deployment to any OS (iOS, Android, Windows 10, HTML5) on any device (PC, Smartphone, Tablet or Watch).
  • Lower-Cost: With PowWow’s SmartUX, deliver powerful apps for a fraction of the cost it would take to build from scratch. SmartUX doesn’t require an army of developers with expensive special development skills for each mobile platform. In a BYOD world with traditional development, getting a modern experience across multiple devices creates a heavy cost to develop and deploy. To avoid costly overruns associated with support for multiple devices, we have designed the solution for cross-platform development. With SmartUX you can easily design and build a single app that you can deploy to multiple mobile devices and desktops in days.

Mobilize Any Legacy Application or Workflow, Connect to Anything

Help your employees, customers and partners access their mission critical applications and data from their mobile devices. PowWow’s SmartUX is the only rapid mobile app development platform that can transform all your systems of record into powerful modern app experiences.

  • Any Application or Workflow. Rapidly transform any application or workflow into a native mobile app in days with no changes to the backend system.
  • Packaged Applications: SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, Infor, etc.
  • Cloud-Based Applications: Salesforce, Workday, etc.
  • Applications running in Microsoft, Citrix, and VMware environments.
  • Custom-Built Applications: even legacy “green screen” applications.
  • Connect to Anything and Everything. Seamlessly connect to any third-party data source, API or SQL to build new mobile-first apps.
  • Super Apps: Bring together multiple systems, data and logic into one single “super” app.

  • 1:1 Apps: Modernize your existing applications for use on any device.
  • Micro-Apps: Create micro-moments for easy task based workflows such as purchase orders or time card management.

Design Enterprise Mobile Apps Your Users Will Love

Create a new enterprise app experience out of connecting several back-end systems, innovate with a brand new mobile app, or take the systems you have and create a fresh new experience that will retain and attract new customers, business partner and employees.

  • Design First. PowWow’s SmartUX Studio gives you the power to design or re-invent a modern user experience for all of your apps on all devices. You can share and preview the design, and then iterate the development quickly.
  • Great talent loves a great user experience. Transform the mobile user experience to achieve higher levels of productivity with fresh new mobile experiences.

Create Smarter Apps, With Less Code

  • Low Code / No Code. Deploy cross-platform native apps with our low code SmartUX Platform, drop down into the JavaScript for custom work or utilize our SmartUX Studio for easy drag and drop no-code app creation.
  • Drag and Drop Elements. Access powerful native device capabilities by simply dragging and dropping features like bar code scanning, voice assistance, camera, maps, and geo-fencing.
  • Simple and Seamless. Easily design and build for any Windows 10, iOS, Android or HTML5 compatible device without the need to use device specific programming languages.
  • Continuous innovation. After you deploy your mobile apps, you can add features or make immediate changes without having to repeat the app store approval process. New changes flow seamlessly through to the mobile app.
  • Personalized Workflows. Appeal to all your users with role based apps for specific personas such as managers, power users, and infrequent users.

Leverage and Extend Your Existing Investment

  • Preserve Logic. All logic in your enterprise’s application UI migrates to the mobile app, saving valuable time and effort when deploying the new app.
  • Preserve Integrations. Rebuilding integrations and logic is over 80% of the cost of building mobile apps. PowWow SmartUX preserves the existing logic, back-end data integrations, and all of your data sources. PowWow SmartUX™ uses a transformed version of the UI component so that it’s integration to back-end systems is still intact. You don’t need to rebuild existing integrations.
  • Lower your maintenance costs. Rather than building a parallel infrastructure, use your existing one. SmartUX preserves logic and integrations so that updates to the original desktop application migrate forward into the mobile app. Upgrades to lists and dynamically created fields are automatically reflected in your mobile apps.

  • End-To-End Secure. Preserve or enhance your existing security requirements such as LDAP and Kerberos, leveraging existing user credentials. Learn More

Run Anywhere, On Any Device

  • Run Anywhere. Run on any public, private or hybrid cloud, or on-premises.
  • Your Device, Your Choice. Deploy your apps purpose-build for PC, laptop, tablet, phone, or watch.
  • Design Once, For All Devices. With SmartUX Studio, design once and run on any OS – Windows 10, iOS, Android, HTML5.

  • Deploy in your Enterprise App Store. Deliver secure apps through integration with leading Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) platforms, such as AirWatch VMware, MobileIron, Citrix XenMobile and SAP Afaria.

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