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Our Story: Innovating for the Future

Jonathan Kaplan
PowWow Mobile Co-Founder & CEO



Jonathan Kaplan

Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Jonathan Kaplan, a technical leader who understands the corporate IT environment, has spent more than 15 years focused on bringing transformative technology into the workplace. He was the original software architect of the Open Wonderland project, an open source Java toolkit for creating collaborative 3D virtual worlds, and a founder of the Wonderland’s supporting company, WonderBuilders. Prior to WonderBuilders, he spent 6 years at Sun Microsystems Labs, during which he developed and deployed multiple systems and received several patents for distributed collaboration systems.

Rafael Santini

SVP, Sales

Rafael Santini is a sales and tech industry veteran, with over 20 years experience leading and building high-performance teams. Most recently serving as the Vice President of Sales at Devicescape, where he was responsible for driving consistent revenue growth. Previously, Santini served in senior sales leadership roles building direct, channel and strategic alliances for Virsto Software (acquired by VMware), Citrix Systems via Xensource acquisition, Marimba (acquired by BMC Group) and Compuware Corporation (via Ecosystems acquisition).

Craig Parks

SVP, Customer Success

As VP of Customer Success, Craig Parks brings 25+ years of experience in professional services, customer care and technical sales management in the tech industry to PowWow Mobile. He joined the company in 2016 after serving as the VP of Customer Success at Bromium and Sr. Director of the Center of Excellence for Service Support at BMC Software. Previously, Parks also served in customer success and engineering roles at Marimba and Tivoli Systems.

Andrew Cohen

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer

Andrew Cohen combines vision and strategic leadership with a rich background in innovative technology solutions. Over the last 12 years, he has taken on startup leadership roles in enterprise sales, strategy services and first customer product releases. He has 10 years of leading-edge R&D in mobile work, collaboration and product design, with multiple patents, presentations and publications to his name. Companies he has worked with include Kanisa, Knova, Kana Communications and IBM Research.

Board Members

Dave Schwab

Chairman / Investor

Dave Schwab, a managing director of both Sierra Ventures and Vertical Venture Partners, has years of experience growing businesses not just as an investor, but as an entrepreneur, engineer, and sales and marketing professional.

Julien Nguyen

Board Member / Investor

Julien Nguyen founded four startups and became a venture capitalist by first founding Applied Materials Ventures. He is currently investing with NanoDimension.

Prabhu Goel

Board Member / Investor

Prabhu Goel is founder and CEO of Gateway Design Automation, which was acquired by Cadence Design Systems, and has invested in many private ventures including Rightworks, Exodus, Versata, Synplicity and Everest Design.

Kia Behnia

Board Member

Kia Behnia is an industry veteran with over 20 years of executive experience in private and public high-tech companies. Most recently, as Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, he was responsible for leading BMC’s technology and solution strategy for all products including social enterprise, mobility management and cloud computing management. He came to BMC via the acquisition of Marimba Inc. where he served as Chief Technology Officer. Prior to joining Marimba, he served as a senior member of the technical team for Tivoli Systems Inc., which was acquired by IBM.

Ken Berryman

Independent Board Member

Ken Berryman has spent more than 20 years working across the technology industry in both strategic and operational executive roles at Akamai, Intel, BMC Software, and Symantec. He was also a Partner at McKinsey & Company where he led the North American Software Practice.



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