Enterprise Architecture

Scalable, secure & best in class performance

Enterprise-ready mobile apps require high availability and a secure architecture perfectly balanced with design, visual integration and operation.

These elements need to be combined seamlessly without sacrificing quality, performance, or security. PowWow’s approach meets and exceeds these enterprise requirements with best in class technical sophistication and flexible deployment options for the best in user experience and scaleability.

SmartUX Architecture

The SmartUX™ Platform is powered by open-source and extensible technologies.  We deploy a containerization layer that leverages enterprise virtualization solutions that integrates with any type of existing enterprise application. In addition, SmartUX enables best-practices to integrate via REST and SOAP to various disparate Systems of Record. The SmartUX Platform additionally scales based on the number of concurrent user connections, and supports High-Availability. With integrated replication and caching for optimum mobile screen response times, there is little management overhead when deploying at any scale.

Smart Caching & Offline Access

SmartUX provides two distinct features to optimize user experience, Smart Caching and Offline Access. On the server-side (run-time), Smart Caching is the process of creating smart workers that map frequently used screens and data to provide a more optimized loading of content from the server to the client-side apps. On the device, SmartUX is capable of providing Offline Access via client-side caching via local database and file-based caching, to optimize rendering and transformation of applications.

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Scalable & High Availability

SmartUX whilst being simple to install on a single server also provides robust multi-server solutions, that leverage load balancing for scalability and high availability to be able to grow as your user base grows.

Containerized Security

SmartUX offers inherent security in the mobile app lifecycle through the use of enterprise integrators, such as authentication and identity management, to deliver enterprise-grade security and the ultimate in user confidence. Through a containerization model, the different layers are separated from one another ensuring process and content isolation so that one container does not affect the process and content of another. PowWow’s “containerization” layer leverages secure enterprise virtualization solutions to connect with any other existing enterprise application and REST API integration for integrating disparate database sources.

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Flexible Deployment Options

PowWow offers flexible deployment options to meet your enterprise needs. SmartUX runtime supports on-premise Windows and Linux Server infrastructures for Web and Windows Application deployment, as well as popular on-cloud solutions, such as Amazon AWS/EC2, Microsoft Azure and Citrix for serving Windows applications.

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