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SmartUX Studio

Create apps without limits

SmartUX Studio

Create apps without limits

Connect Anything Everywhere

Visually construct beautiful and intelligent apps without writing a single line of code

SmartUX Studio is a robust design studio for non-technical business teams to visually construct beautiful apps without writing a single line of code. Rapidly create visually stunning apps with unmatched ease and simplicity for use on any iOS, Android, Windows 10 or HTML5 compatible device, without the need for device-specific programming languages.

Easily drag-and-drop pre-made components and app templates to quickly prototype and deploy robust cross-platform apps. Our high-productivity solution empowers citizen developers with a self-service, composite environment that enables users to design, create and customize intelligent omni-channel experiences with unmatched speed and simplicity.

Connect Anything Everywhere

Design by Drag-and-Drop

Delivering a great user experience is key to any digital initiative. Design and build apps your users crave, with SmartUX’s easy to use, drag-and-drop design studio.

Connect Anything Everywhere

Start Fast with Templates

Start fast and stay fast with pre-built micro-app and universal screen templates, for the ultimate in speed and re-usability.

Connect Anything Everywhere

Collaborate Without Constraints

Our codeless, low-code environment enables citizen developers to pro-developers to collaborate without constraints.

Design by Drag-and-Drop

Studio empowers business teams to rapidly design stunning mobile experiences without technical expertise, through giving users the ability to effortlessly select and drag the UX components needed to visually construct screens and workflows.

Intelligent, Connected & Secure Experiences

Create connected, proactive and context-aware experiences across all platforms. With Studio, easily drag-and-drop pre-built components for smart device features like camera, GPS, fingerprint sensor and more. Extend to the edge with voice-based assistants and location-based notifications for right time interactions.

Or easily create your own custom re-usable UI components, using the open-source technologies you are familiar with, powered by Ionic and Apache Cordova for advanced functionality. For example, if there is a particular UI component like a customized calendar input or phone function like Touch ID, a custom component can be created and shared for use on any screen in any app.

Enhance existing app security with secure components. IT departments can easily integrate security and compliance through drag-and-drop enterprise security containers and business logic, for enhanced end-to-end security from the field level to the screen level. Click here to learn more about how SmartUX integrates with leading Enterprise Mobility Management providers such as VMware AirWatch, Blackberry Dynamics, MobileIron and more for creating secure apps from the start.

Seamless Global Styling

Easily set custom style guidelines for one app or an entire portfolio of apps with global styling. Using the styles menu, users can easily apply their custom color pallet, font and user-interface styles across all projects.

Enable Smart Roaming

With Smart Roaming, users can start a workflow on their ipad and complete that workflow on another device such as a watch or desktop. Check out our video to learn how to use Smart Roaming as a part of the SmartUX Platform. Learn More >

Start Fast and Stay Fast with App Templates

Templates deliver the ultimate experience in speed and productivity. With pre-built micro-apps and universal app templates, users now have access to everything they need to quickly create amazing mobile apps with simple codeless drag-and-drop capabilities, as well as the ability to add unique touches with custom code when needed.

Micro-App Templates

Micro-App Templates allow for rapid mobile enablement of common organizational tasks including employee timecards, multi-system approvals and corporate directories. With Studio, users can start with pre-built micro-apps for the most common use cases and customize them to their needs without having to recreate any new screens, or write code. Quickly and simply, deploy micro-apps to your users, alleviating paper-based or legacy processes and saving your workforce valuable time.

Universal Templates

Users never need to build an application from scratch because Universal Templates provides an extensive library of pre-built template screens including login, list view, data entry forms, calendars, shopping carts and many others. These universal templates can be dropped into new or existing SmartUX projects to accelerate the development process.

Banish Your App Backlog Today

Collaborate Without Constraints

Reduce Business-IT Friction

Empower real-time collaboration and reduce Business-IT friction with our web-based studio for designing, visualizing, integrating and previewing mobile apps. This codeless or low-code environment enables citizen developers and pro-developers to collaborate without constraints.

Having visibility into the complete app development life cycle is essential to a successful mobile strategy. With SmartUX, your IT and non-technical users can work together to meet your goals and improve current business processes with the power of mobility.

As demand for mobile apps in the workplace continues to grow and outstrip IT’s capacity to deliver, SmartUX makes it even easier for business users to work with IT to create apps that mitigate current business challenges and improve overall workflow efficiency.

Preview, Share, Repeat

Without writing a single line of code, preview and share your app designs with others for continuous collaboration and iterations, ensuring all users needs are met before deploying. Sharable live preview for any device ensures user feedback and testing for ultimate agility. Easily extend working apps with logic and integrations from prototype to production, saving significant time and effort.

As demand for mobile apps in the workplace continues to grow and outstrip IT’s capacity to deliver, SmartUX makes it even easier for business users to work with IT to create apps that mitigate current business challenges and improve overall workflow efficiency.

How Enterprises Can Facilitate IT, Line of Business Collaboration for App Development

In this video, learn how global manufacturing provider, Flex, was able to scale their app portfolio using SmartUX by enabling citizen developers across their organization.

Enable Citizen Development

According to Gartner, by 2020, at least 70% of large enterprises will have established successful citizen development policies.

Citizen-developers have been identified as the solution to meet the market requirements for developing new apps to keep up with demand. This new archetype defines how applications are designed, built, tested, deployed and maintained and enables organizations to deliver apps at scale.

SmartUX Studio enables citizen developers through its low-code development environment that enables rapid application delivery. By empowering citizen developers with a self-service, drag-and-drop, composite environment, expedite the creation of modern omni-channel experiences that easily connect to any enterprise or cloud data source, with or without APIs. Mitigate costly resources and securely deliver hybrid apps to virtually any device with PowWow’s SmartUX.

Discover How to Drive Digital Transformation with Citizen Development

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