SmartUX Overview

The fastest and easiest solution to deliver modern omni-channel apps with unmatched security and control

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SmartUX Overview

The fastest and easiest solution to deliver modern omni-channel apps with unmatched security and control

SmartUX Features

Modernizing Legacy Systems

Modernize Legacy Systems

Transform systems of record into systems of engagement. Create more sophisticated, intuitive and simplified user interactions. With SmartUX, leverage and extend existing investments in applications, data, logic, rules and integrations without having to start from scratch or alter source code.

Connect Anything Everywhere

Connect to Anything & Everything

Don’t let data access slow you down. Seamlessly connect to any packaged, cloud-based, or custom-built system, workflow or any data source with or without APIs. SmartUX mitigates integration hurdles and eliminate complexity, providing a high productivity platform for visual data mapping.

Design Omni Channel

Design Powerful Omni-channel Experiences

Design next-generation user experiences that meet today’s digital demands. With SmartUX Studio, a powerful drag-and-drop visual designer, create apps once and run on any device and OS. Start from scratch or leverage pre-built templates for the ultimate in speed and reusability.

Micro to Mashup – Apps for all

Whether you are looking to deploy micro-apps for quick task-based, hyper-personalized actions or you need to mashup multiple workflows & data sources into one unified mobile app, there is no app the SmartUX platform can’t handle.

Intelligent Connect

Intelligent & Connected Interactions

Create connected, proactive and context-aware experiences across all platforms. With SmartUX Studio, easily drag-and-drop smart device features like camera, GPS, fingerprint sensor and more. Extend to the edge with voice-based assistants and location-based notifications for right time interactions.


Collaborate Without Constraints

Empower real-time collaboration and reduce business-IT friction with our web-based studio for designing, visualizing, integrating and operating mobile apps. Sharable live preview for any device ensures user feedback and testing for ultimate agility. Codeless, low-code environment enables citizen developers to pro-developers to collaborate without constraints.


Actionable Analytics

Avoid app abandonment, lack of user adoption, or poor app performance with comprehensive app analytics and performance data. Enterprises gain x-ray vision into mobile app usage with comprehensive app analytics that deliver valuable user and behavioral intelligence and insight, uncovering user issues without sacrificing productivity.

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End-to-End Secure

With SmartUX, preserve and enhance existing application authentication mechanisms such as LDAP and Kerberos, leveraging existing user credentials, while enhancing security through geo-fencing, hardware encryption and fingerprint authentication. PowWow ensures no data at rest and readily Integrates with all leading EMM platforms for 1-click publishing to enterprise app stores.


Enterprise Governance & Control

Eliminate shadow IT and rogue business apps with a unified solution that is centrally managed, providing role-based access by department and function. Ensure apps meet corporate standards with customizable branded templates and components. Enforce app security standards based on specified parameters and stay in compliance with advanced auto-updating for your apps.

Open and Extensible

Open & Extensible Framework

Mitigate risk, avoid vendor lock-in and protect your investments with a platform built on best of breed modern and open frameworks (Cordova, Ionics and AngularJS). SmartUX’s pluggable platform architecture allows you to leverage open source standards for unparalleled extensibility.

Explore the SmartUX Platform

Connect Anything Everywhere

SmartUX Studio

Create apps
without limits

Connect Anything Everywhere

SmartUX Explorer

Transform systems of record into systems of engagement

Connect Anything Everywhere

SmartUX Connect

Connect to anything and everything

Connect Anything Everywhere

SmartUX Dashboard

Continuous app delivery & monitoring for scale

Powerful, Extensible & Secure

Core Technology

PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform is an open, low-code enterprise mobile app platform, purpose-built to rapidly design, build, run and analyze cross-platform apps. Our patented transformation process allows users from citizen developers to pro developers to easily connect to any system of record or data source, with or without APIs, and visually map the intended workflows, data and logic to app templates. Powered by prominent and contemporary open-source technologies, our solution is extensible, secure, robust and future-proof, ensuring no vendor lock-in or need to learn proprietary skills. The result is a rich app experience capable of dramatically reducing both the total cost of ownership and the complexity of mobile app development. Whether you need quick wins with small task-based micro-apps, are looking to combine multiple data sources into a mashup app to simplify cumbersome business processes or want to modernize your investment in applications data and logic for a more sophisticated and intuitive experience, PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX allows you to accomplish all with unmatched speed, simplicity and agility.

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Secure From The Start

PowWow believes apps should be secure from the start, ensuring end-to-end security at design time. The PowWow solution offers an inherently secure mobile app lifecycle using authentication, identity management and open extensible technologies to deliver enterprise-grade security and the ultimate in user confidence. With SmartUX, quickly build and deliver secure business apps without sacrificing control.

  • Context-aware security

  • Extend existing authentication

  • No data at rest

  • Encrypted communications

  • Advanced EMM integration

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Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise-ready mobile apps require high availability and a secure architecture perfectly balanced with design, visual integration and operation. These elements need to be combined seamlessly without sacrificing quality, performance, or security. PowWow’s approach meets and exceeds these enterprise requirements with best in class technical sophistication and flexible deployment options for the best in user experience and scaleability.

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