We’ve written a lot over the past two years about the challenges and barries to enterprise app development and deployment, including the time-intensive tasks of integrating multiple workflows into a single app experience and the cumbersumb need to wrap or modify code for enterprise-grade security and compliance.

In fact, a recent study that we conducted along with Enterprise Mobility Exchange reaffirmed that the enterprise app backlog is primarily driven by time constraints, along with budget and lack of resources. The same study concluded also said that 39% of enterprises require 9 months or more to take an app from proposal to market. That’s a lot of valuable time most enterprises don’t have.

To mitigate these integration and security hurdles, VMware recently announced at VMworld 2017, the upcoming availability of Mobile Flows for its Workspace ONE platform. Mobile Flows will enable IT to finally address some of the most common challenges hindering enterprise mobile app deployment and adoption, such as workflow management and security. According to an article in Tech Target’s SearchSecurity.com:

“Mobile Flows will allow IT to create a mobile workflow that spans multiple applications and present it to users in a unified interface…Mobile Flows also allow organizations to build unified endpoint management capabilities into the workflows they create, giving IT the same level of security and control it has over other types of apps.”

Furthermore, AirWatch explains that “app developers can now derive context within their apps and surface intelligent actions and notifications across many backend business systems through preconfigured or custom-developed services with less than 250 lines of code.”

Simultaneously, PowWow Mobile announced the integration of our rapid mobile app platform, SmartUX, with the Workspace ONE platform to empower organizations to create, secure and deploy next-generation mobile apps quickly and efficiently, including the ability to create and extend Mobile Flows as a platform partner. Curious just how this integration benefits you and your organization? Read below for more. 

The 4 benefits of Workspace ONE integration with our SmartUX Platform:

  1. Secure Apps From The Start: Enable enterprise grade security and governance and eliminate common security hurdles due to complex coding for app integration and easily secure apps right from the start. SmartUX enables seamless drag-and-drop security components that ensure context-aware app security from the screen to the field level when designing apps. Easily create policy templates for quick re-use across an app portfolio, and enact data content protection through placing restrictions on unauthorized app behavior.
  2. 1-Click Publish to AirWatch: Streamline app publishing to AirWatch Unified Endpoint Management and remove the burden for AirWatch administrators requiring lengthy development cycles and ensure a seamless and secure experience for end-users. Easily publish apps created within SmartUX with one click to the AirWatch Console and Mobile Application Management (MAM) catalog. Ongoing updates are also pushed automatically ensuring real-time security and compliance.
  3. Garner Advanced App Analytics & Insights: Identify issues and increase agility with comprehensive app analytics. Leverage the analytics and performance insights of Apteligent by VMware for apps created within SmartUX. This integration complements PowWow’s analytics suite, SmartUX Dashboard, by enabling a richer view into behavioral data points, which gives organizations complete operational visibility into their entire app portfolios.
  4. Build Mobile Flows: With integration with the Mobile Flows tech preview, SmartUX helps increase employee productivity through micro-moments. SmartUX allows users to build and incorporate Mobile Flows right into their apps effortlessly via drag-and-drop components, which provide deep context-sensitive notifications and alerts on designated screens. SmartUX also expands the capabilities of Mobile Flows by enabling access to any backend data source, with or without APIs, such as Oracle, SAP or any customized business system.

The integration with VMware’s Workspace ONE will expedite app deployment, mitigate common challenges and dissuade line of business executives from authorizing shadow IT initiatives. Now, IT can deliver business-critical apps in a timely manner, without sacrificing experience, analytics or security. Likewise, the platform’s ease-of-use will empower citizen developers to quickly build enterprise apps that meet the security and analytics requirements and compliance of IT.

Our SmartUX platform has always pushed the limits of what a rapid mobile enterprise app platform can achieve. Now, through the integration with Workspace ONE, the opportunities to build a truly mobile enterprise workforce are here. 

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