Four Benefits of Workspace ONE Integration with PowWow’s SmartUX Platform

PowWow Mobile announced the integration of our rapid mobile app platform, SmartUX, with the Workspace ONE platform to empower organizations to create, secure and deploy next-generation mobile apps quickly and efficiently, including the ability to create and extend Mobile Flows as a platform partner. Curious just how this integration benefits you and your organization?  

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Eliminate Complex Development With Low-Code Solutions For Delivering Enterprise Mobile Apps

A new category of mobile app development has firmly laid its ground in the market, one that promises to help users develop enterprise apps quickly and efficiently. As most organizations struggle to fill in the gaps of limited internal development resources, lack of budget and time to deploy custom apps to their employees, low-code platforms are giving non-technical users the power to develop fully-functional enterprise apps quickly.

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New Report: Mobilizing Legacy Applications is the Primary Challenge for IT Professionals

In partnership with Enterprise Mobility Exchange, PowWow Mobile conducted a survey on the topic of enterprise applications and how they’re built, what challenges companies are facing, and the importance of rapid mobile app development (RMAD).