Modernizing Legacy Applications for Mobile Use is Still a Top Challenge for IT

PowWow Mobile partnered with Enterprise Mobility Exchange to survey IT professionals about where their companies currently stand in the mobile application space and how much of their legacy systems need to be mobilized. From our findings, we learned that enterprises large and small have an incredible amount of data and workflows that need to be modernized for multiple mobile devices. Simply put, mobility must be a top priority for any company, but less than five percent of enterprise legacy applications have been mobilized. In the infographic, you will find how surveyed companies are mobilizing their current systems and the challenges they are facing in the app development process.

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The First Steps Towards Defining a Workable Mobile App Strategy For Your Organization

As an enterprise begin to take the necessary steps towards deploying mobile apps that keep their employees connected and productive, it is critical that they create a workable mobility strategy that deeply aligns with their existing business goals. The best strategy will ultimately enable and accelerate new opportunities and processes for their users. To get started, here are some initial steps to consider when developing a successful enterprise mobility strategy for your organization.

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App Failure? Four Common Reasons Why and How to Avoid It in the Future

With enterprise apps not living up to employee expectations, your IT department is left at a loss for what went wrong and how to improve the problem after such a lofty investment in time and resources. Here are four common reasons why your enterprise mobile app may not have been successful and how your organization can avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future.

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The Need for “Yelp-Like” Consumer App Experiences in Enterprises

While the consumer app market has grown significantly in the last ten years, the business mobility market continues to lag. “Yelp-like” experiences are commonplace for consumer apps but are wanted and needed in the enterprise, with users expecting to accomplish multiple business workflows that span multiple applications and data sources via one mobile app.

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Enterprise Mobility is a Team Sport

Today’s enterprise shares a lot of similarities with sports teams in that each organization employs many individuals with various skill sets and talent. Currently, enterprise mobility is perhaps the best example of a corporate priority that has not yet reached championship caliber performance. That’s because business units, operations teams, and IT departments have mostly failed to operate as a team; more frequently butting heads than shaking hands

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Eight Considerations for Future Proofing Your Enterprise Mobility Strategy

Mobility is well on its way to ubiquity in the enterprise. In the next 3 years, 1.75 billion people, or 42 percent of the entire global workforce, will be mobile, according to the analyst firm Strategy Analytics. To add structure to the proliferation of mobility, the majority of organizations, to date, have deployed an [...]

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How Are Enterprise Mobile Apps Benefiting Your Business Users?

Mobile device proliferation and perpetual connectivity are creating tremendous opportunities for employees to work whenever and however they choose. With device options ranging from smartphones to tablets as well as desktop and portable notebook computers and even wearables, users have more choices than ever for how they work depending on the activity, task, location [...]

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Dell’s Acquisition of EMC, VMware’s Commitment to Windows 10 Security Highlights VMWorld 2016

Its been almost one week since VMworld 2016 concluded; and the 23,000 attendees who represented the enterprise mobility, cloud computing and virtualization industries agree, the conference was once again a big success. In the weeks leading up to the show, some wondered whether or not its move from San Francisco to Las Vegas would [...]

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