Sporting our “Best in Show” award from last year, we are excited to be back this year at Citrix Synergy Las Vegas 2016.  Our customers tell us that mobilizing Windows applications is one of their greatest challenges in their digital strategy. Their approach to date has been to rewrite existing applications into a format that, while supported on mobile devices, provides a poor user experience in mobile browsers.

Another approach is to create custom native mobile apps, essentially recreating all of the business logic in the existing Windows application. Either approach is costly and resource heavy. And this, of course, assumes that you have the resources with the right development skillset available.

Meanwhile, end-users are still looking for a better way to get work done with modern mobile apps, on any of their 2 or 3 mobile devices – including wearables. For example, a customer of ours – one of the world’s largest banks – recently undertook a project to enable bankers in the field to initiate commercial credit requests from their personal iPhones. What used to involve asking an administrative assistant over email or a phone call to enter the data into an existing desktop based application, can now be accomplished by any banker, any time.

Another customer, a large hospital system, wondered if they could replace their archaic nurse cart systems with an iPad mini for each nurse. Although the medicine administration application could be delivered to the iPad mini with Citrix Receiver for iOS, the user experience was not desirable in a clinical environment. The need to pinch and zoom and scale horizontally led to too many user input errors. A transformation was required, stat! That hospital system is rolling out PowWow to 18 different districts this year.

Since our product launch at Synergy last year, we’ve helped many such customers solve their challenges around mobilizing their existing portfolio of Windows and web applications. If you have Windows apps that are currently published on Citrix XenApp, and users that are demanding them to be delivered natively to any mobile device, come see us at booth 814 next week. We’ll show you an approach that lets you leverage your investment in Citrix XenApp, not require any rewrites of your applications, and add the most modern, smart mobile features into your apps.