Apple App Store: 9 Years Later, How Has It Changed the Enterprise?

The Apple App Store recently celebrated its ninth birthday, following its initial 500 applications release on July 10, 2008, a year after the first iPhone. The store hasn't changed much since its launch, but Apple is planning a complete overhaul of its now 2.2 million games and apps digital storefront with the iOS 11 release later this year.While the look of the digital store has changed little, the apps that they display have completely changed consumerism behavior and the enterprise.

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Accelerate Task-Based Quick Wins In Your Enterprise with Micro-Apps

Mobile app development platforms, like PowWow Mobile are making it easier for technical and non-technical teams to deploy their own micro apps that optimize a specific application workflow. In recent years, the idea of "micro moments," or brief interactions where apps can capture the attention of a user and anticipate their needs in seconds have become increasingly popular. While business mobile apps are designed to help increase productivity and workflows in a number of situations, micro-apps are designed to resolve simple but critical tasks in your organization.

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How Enterprises Can Facilitate IT, Line of Business Collaboration for App Development

Organizations are developing far fewer apps than projected demand from business users, according to Gartner. This is often because organizations struggle to develop coherent mobility strategies that integrate with their business processes. Read this blog post for four tips to help facilitate collaboration between IT and line of business for mobile app development in the enterprise.

The Importance of User Experience in Enterprise Mobile Apps

“User Experience” (UX) is a trending buzzword in the app development industry, with sources stressing the importance of user-centric design to stay competitive and relevant in today’s evolving technology, emphasizing how an investment in UX provides significant ROI to your business.

The Digital Workplace: Rethinking Your Path to Enterprise Application Mobilization

From business to personal, mobility is now a part of our everyday lives, and business users everywhere expect and want to use their mobile devices to enhance their personal and professional productivity. Read today's blog to learn why traditional approaches to mobile app development don't work and the importance of following transformative approaches.