Apple App Store: 9 Years Later, How Has It Changed the Enterprise?

The Apple App Store recently celebrated its ninth birthday, following its initial 500 applications release on July 10, 2008, a year after the first iPhone. The store hasn't changed much since its launch, but Apple is planning a complete overhaul of its now 2.2 million games and apps digital storefront with the iOS 11 release later this year.While the look of the digital store has changed little, the apps that they display have completely changed consumerism behavior and the enterprise.

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WWDC 2017: Why Apple Has The Enterprise Buzzing

Apple made several consumer and developer announcements at this year's WWDC 2017, the technology giant's annual conference. The event kicked off Monday with a keynote featuring news of an upgraded iPad Pro, iOS 11, artificial intelligence technology, person-to-person payments from Apple Pay, augmented reality and more. Let's take a look back at just a few of the new technologies and enhancements that already have enterprises buzzing.

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