In the digital era, employees should be able to access their enterprise application workflows from the device of their choice, whenever and wherever. With employees always on the move from the office, to home, visiting clients on-site and at 36,000 feet, they need the ability to seamlessly move from one device to another, while maintaining their previous work session.

PowWow’s SmartUX – Smart Roaming feature allows users to start a workflow on any device, such as a desktop, and continue the same workflow on a smartphone or tablet or even a smart watch. With Smart Roaming enable instant productivity no matter the location or device.

How Does Smart Roaming Work? 

Let’s take the example of a doctor visiting patients in different wings of a hospital. The doctor relies on a desktop application leveraging Citrix to log a patient’s information, input prescriptions and update their medical records. When the doctor makes his rounds and visits a patient’s room, he can use his iPad to launch a native iOS app with a native user-experience he would expect on that device, but with complete access to the data and workflows he needs. Using the SmartUX Platform’s Smart Roaming feature, the doctor can now pick up the state of the workflow where he left off at his office, and view and complete the task on his tablet.

When the doctor logs in using SmartUX mobile-first features such as Touch ID, he can now navigate to other parts of the application in the native UI and elect to receive push notifications when medication is the dispensed to the patient. When it is administered, the doctor will now receive real-time notifications on his Apple Watch.

This example of Smart Roaming capabilities can be easily translated for users across any industry or sector including manufacturing, retail, banking and finance, government and public sector.

See It In Action

To learn more about PowWow Mobile’s Smart Roaming feature and to see it in action, watch the video demo below:




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