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PowWow SmartUX & Blackberry Dynamics Integration 2018-02-20T12:16:36+00:00

PowWow SmartUX & Blackberry Dynamics Integration

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Accelerate & streamline the creation & deployment of secure omni-channel apps

The proliferation of BYOD in the workplace, coupled with the inability for mobile devices to access critical applications and data has posed a great challenge for enterprise IT departments. Organizations need to rapidly mobilize their business while ensuring security, flexibility and high-availability to support next-generation app experiences across a wide range of device types.

In this datasheet you will learn how PowWow SmartUX™ & Blackberry Dynamics® enable you to meet these modern challenges with:

  • Custom Security Policies & Configurations

  • Secure Apps From the Start

  • Deliver Data-Driven Insights with Blackberry Analytics

  • One-Click Simple SDK Installation

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