In June, we announced that customer REDI Global Technologies, a provider of an advanced, end-to-end trade management platform, had joined forces with us to create a mobile version of its REDIPlus platform. Using PowWow’s SmartUX Platform, the new REDI Mobile enables traders and portfolio managers to enter, update and monitor orders from their iPad – anytime, anywhere.

Today, we’re excited to further our relationship with REDI as it launches the next generation of its fully web-based platform, ROCC (REDI Over Cloud Computing).

Powered by PowWow Mobile, this new version of ROCC allows users to leverage REDI’s full suite of middle office tools through the platform, as well as advanced new trading and analytics products from REDI. Read more in today’s press release.

Mark Etherington, CTO of REDI said, “We have had great success partnering with industry-leading technology firms to help us introduce tactical-level innovation while our development staff focuses on more strategic projects. PowWow Mobile has been an excellent partner for two of these projects, both of which provide real value to our users.”

To Mark and the entire REDI team – congratulations on your most recent launch. We value our partnership with you and look forward to continuing to innovate the financial services industry together.


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