SmartUX 6.0

Redefining enterprise mobile app delivery

The Ultimate in High-Productivity & High-Control

SmartUX 6.0 addresses two major challenges enterprises face with scaling their mobile app strategy: the scarcity of skilled resources needed to build and maintain cross-platform mobile apps and the rate at which these apps are deployed to meet demand, stay competitive and drive broader digital transformation objectives.

This release further extends our platform’s powerful application modernization and mobilization capabilities by further simplifying the entire enterprise app development lifecycle, enabling both IT and lines of business to deliver net-new apps at unprecedented scale. Delivering the ultimate in high-productivity and high-control, SmartUX 6.0 empowers citizen developers and pro developers with the fastest and easiest solution to design, deploy and manage an enterprise app portfolio at scale.

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Enable Citizen Developers with Extended Drag-and-Drop Capabilities

Visually drag-and-drop for end-to-end app creation. From designing rich user interfaces to data source integration, app publishing and more.

  • Create visual workflows and easiest-to-use data integration for unifying multiple data sources and workflows into a single Mashup app with SmartUX Connect.

  • Easily extract data, logic and workflows from any web, Windows, Java, custom-built application, or Mainframe application with or without available APIs using SmartUX Explorer.

  • Integration with latest release of Angular 4 and Ionic 3, bringing an unprecedented level of control for building hybrid apps with best-in-class UI.

Expanded Library of Smart App Templates

Start fast and stay fast with new People Finder, QuickApprove and Time Cards app templates that auto-adapt to support any operating system and device.

  • Jump start app projects with new pre-built micro-app templates: People Finder, QuickApprove and Time Cards for mobilizing common enterprise workflows.

  • Over one hundred new universal templates for acceleration of building common screens such as login, list view, etc.

  • Extensive library of custom components to easily construct consumer-grade apps with the ability to add custom code when needed.

Enhanced Enterprise Security & Control

Mitigate shadow IT and rogue business apps with a solution that is centrally managed by IT and accessible to anyone, enabling true end-to-end app lifecycle security and control.

  • One-click app publishing with support for leading enterprise mobility management solutions such as VMware AirWatch and Blackberry Dynamics through drag-and-drop SDK implementation.

  • Secure apps from the start with pre-integrated security and identity at the app design level within SmartUX Studio.

  • Easily enforce corporate standards for everything from UI to app security with SmartUX Dashboard.

Support for Next-Generation Experiences

Innovate for the future with new integrated support for chatbots, machine learning, facial recognition, context aware notifications and wearables.

  • Integration with APIs from any existing enterprise iPaaS and PaaS systems such as Dell Boomi, Mulesoft or customer internal systems.

  • Extensible connector framework to easily integrate with third-party cognitive services for voice-based assistants such as Alexa, Google or Cortana and conversational applications with chatbots.

  • Support for app security through facial recognition and voice authentication and intelligent notifications that inform users of actions to take based upon location, time, or day.

“With PowWow, Flex was able to standardize on one platform, centrally managed by
corporate IT but used by citizen developers across our organization. The new
capabilities with SmartUX 6.0 have further accelerated our app delivery initiatives,
providing us with a full-service platform for rapidly scaling our mobile app portfolio.”

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