SmartUX 5.0 simplifies collaboration between IT and Business teams with pre-built app templates, role-based access control and end-to-end suite of mobile app analytics

SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2017 /PRWeb/ —  PowWow Mobile, the leading enterprise mobility platform that allows companies to deliver powerful, modern native mobile apps quickly, simply and economically, today announced the latest release of its SmartUX™ Platform version 5.0. The new enhancements will simplify collaboration between IT and business teams through new levels of speed, visibility and controls.

SmartUX 5.0 is the most powerful platform for the rapid design and deployment of enterprise mobile apps. The enhanced platform features include pre-built micro-app and universal app templates to accelerate the creation of mobile app projects and role-based permissions that provide individual users or departments with access to projects, as well as preview and sharing of apps with specific teams. In addition, SmartUX 5.0 will provide users with the new SmartUX™ Dashboard, an end-to-end suite of analytics and performance monitoring for apps built on the SmartUX Platform.

“Improving the way that employees share and collaborate on mobile app development, as well as access to critical analytics on how apps are being used, represent a key and very welcome area of improvement in PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX 5.0 release,” said Adam Holtby, research analyst, enterprise mobility and productivity, Ovum Research. “Mobility, and particularly mobile apps are a valuable element of digital transformation efforts. For organizations, being able to identify the habits and usage patterns associated with mobile apps will be important in reporting on how mobility initiatives are contributing to broader digital transformation objectives.“

The SmartUX Platform 5.0 Features: 

Micro-App Templates and Universal App Templates – New app templates deliver the ultimate experience in speed and productivity. Micro-app templates allow for rapid mobile enablement of common organizational workflows including employee timecards, multi-system approvals and corporate directories. Universal templates provide a more granular set of pre-built interfaces that are commonly used in all apps such as login, list view, calendars, shopping carts, etc. These templates can easily be dropped into new or existing SmartUX projects.

When building an app that leverages an existing application, the universal template also maintains the current data model of the source application such as SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft. This capability further accelerates the development of mobile apps, alleviating the need to re-map the existing application data to the new mobile app.

SmartUX Dashboard – SmartUX Dashboard is an advanced analytics suite that provides users with comprehensive real-time and historical insights into the adoption, usage and performance of enterprise mobile apps deployed with the SmartUX Platform.

Role Based Permissions – Support collaborative development across multiple departments and projects, allowing for centralized access control and project visibility. With the new collaboration functions in SmartUX 5.0, business units have the ability to innovate while still giving IT the control and security they need.

PowWow Mobile disrupts the speed, complexity and economics commonly associated with delivering productivity enhancing apps to an increasingly mobile-first workforce. The PowWow SmartUX™ Platform accelerates mobile app development by transforming existing Windows, web and Java applications and workflows into modern mobile experiences or; by creating net new apps that connect to any third-party data source, API or SQL. With PowWow Mobile, users can easily design and deploy personalized, intelligent and secure apps that run anywhere, on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone or watch) and any OS (iOS, Android, Windows 10, or HTML5). 

“The goal of the Smart UX 5.0 release is to provide our customers with a solution that not only breaks down complex processes that occur with app development, but one that breaks down the barriers that commonly exist between IT and business users,” said Jonathan Kaplan, co-founder and chief technology officer, PowWow Mobile. “We want to provide our technical and non-technical users with platform enhancements that drive collaboration in a simple-to-use environment for a streamlined experience when developing business apps. We also want to empower all users by providing real-time actionable analytics into how their apps are performing so they can quickly and easily make adjustments and meet expectations.”

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