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SmartUX 5.0

The most powerful RMAD platform,
simplifying collaboration between IT & Business teams.

What’s New in SmartUX 5.0

Smart UX 5.0 is a breakthrough release aimed to improve your organization’s collaborative processes with an increased level of speed and simplicity for rapid mobile app development. Packed with end-to-end next level insights that gives your IT and non-technical teams the power to design, build, run and analyze cross-platform, modern mobile business apps.

Design and build apps your users will love, quicker than ever before.

With the SmartUX Studio enhancements in 5.0, accelerate mobile app design and development with new pre-built templates, global styling and custom component creation, enabling unparalleled speed and re-usability at design time, for a simple and seamless mobile app deployment.

Pre-Built Templates

Templates deliver the ultimate experience in speed and productivity. With new pre-built micro-app and universal app templates, users now have access to everything they need to quickly create amazing mobile apps with simple codeless drag and drop capabilities, as well as the ability to add unique touches with custom code when needed.

Micro-App Templates

Micro-App Templates allow for rapid mobile enablement of common organizational tasks including employee timecards, multi-system approvals and corporate directories. With SmartUX Studio, users can now start with pre-built micro-apps for the most common use cases and customize them to their needs without having to recreate any new screens, or write code. Quickly and simply deploy micro-apps to your users, alleviating paper-based or legacy processes and saving your workforce valuable time.

Universal Templates

Universal Templates provide a more granular set of pre-built templates that can be dropped into new or existing SmartUX projects when users know what they want the screen to look and function like, and would like to accelerate the development process. These pre-built templates include universal interfaces that are commonly used in all apps such as login, list view, calendars, and shopping carts, etc.

Further, users can leverage screens that were built in other mobile apps using SmartUX Studio and import those screens as universal templates into new projects. This feature not only speeds up time to market, but also adds design consistency across mobile apps in an organization, resulting in increased adoption.

When building an app that leverages an existing application, the universal template also maintains the current data model of the source application such as SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft. This capability further accelerates the development of mobile apps, alleviating the need to re-map the existing application data to the new mobile app.

Global Styling

Easily set custom style guidelines for one app or an entire portfolio of apps with global styling. Using the styles menu, users can easily apply their custom color pallet, font and user-interface styles across all projects.

Custom Components

Easily create custom UI components that users can drag and drop into any project to add advanced functionality to their app. For example, if there is a particular UI component like a customized calendar input or phone function like touch ID, a custom component can be created and shared for use on any screen in any app.

Experience Next Level Collaboration

Having visibility into the complete app development life cycle is essential to a successful mobile strategy. With SmartUX 5.0, your IT and non-technical users can work together to meet your goals and improve current business processes with the power of mobility.

As demand for mobile apps in the workplace continues to grow and outstrip IT’s capacity to deliver, SmartUX 5.0 makes it even easier for business users to work with IT to create apps that mitigate current business challenges and improve overall workflow efficiency.

Enhanced SmartUX Studio UI

SmartUX Studio has been re-designed for a more simplified and streamlined experience for creating and deploying mobile business apps, enabling easy collaboration between IT and business users.

Efficient and Easy Rollout

New enhanced support for Docker containers allows for an efficient and easy rollout of the SmartUX platform to your users. Have flexibility on where and how your apps are deployed and run.

Role-Based Access Control

Support collaborative development across multiple departments and projects, with new centralized access control and project visibility; giving business units the ability to innovate while still allowing IT the control and security they need.

Advanced Versioning

SmartUX Studio now comes with built in Git-based versioning. Track every change to an app and restore any previous version without ever losing data or history.

SmartUX Dashboard: Mobile App Analytics Designed for the Enterprise

Knowing how your apps are performing keeps your users engaged and your apps delivering value. SmartUX Dashboard is an advanced analytics suite that provides comprehensive real-time and historical insights into the adoption, usage and performance of enterprise mobile apps deployed with the SmartUX Platform.

With SmartUX Dashboard, always be in the know with timely data on app installs, platform requests, active users by time, mobile device and OS. Eliminate a poor user experience with insights into how your systems are performing, real-time monitoring, alerts and a full suite of customization and reporting options.

SmartUX Dashboard Key Features

Mobile App Adoption and Usage

Gain detailed insights into mobile app adoption, usage, activity and retention. Analyze engagement level by understanding how the user is experiencing the app, what actions were taken, what areas of the app are accessed the most and where users get stuck or abandon the app.

End-to-End System Performance

Monitor business transactions from backend application to mobile endpoint. Pinpoint latency or performance issues related to the connectivity or health of your systems to ensure no down time for the end user. Segment app performance by version, carrier, geo, OS, device and identify threshold violated impacting SLAs.

Comprehensive Session Data

Segment data by sessions for a more granular viewpoint of a specific user or class of users within an indicated date range with detailed insights into top actions performed, repeat sessions, time on app, location and specific device and operating system used.

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