The PowWow team just returned from BriForum in Boston. It was an incredibly successful conference for us. My co-founder Jonathan Kaplan and I delivered a standing room only presentation of our new iPhone capability. More than fifty enthusiastic attendees squeezed into one of the main presentation rooms to hear –and see for themselves—how PowWow is transforming enterprise apps to mobile at a record speeds. Over thirty questions were asked during the session and so many people wanted to stay and talk that the conference organizers had to eventually boot us out of the room.

One thing was very clear throughout the conference—PowWow is striking a chord with enterprise IT. Everyone we spoke to is feeling the pain of having hundreds or even thousands of Windows and web-based apps that have not been mobilized because it’s too complicated, slow and expensive to do. Companies are investing millions of dollars in mobile hardware, yet the process of moving their key applications and workflows to mobile has been excruciatingly slow. When we created a stock trading workflow from an existing Windows application within minutes onstage—people were amazed! We experienced a similar level of enthusiasm at our booth throughout the conference. Now over 25 companies are speaking to us about pilots.

The response from the Brian Madden team and other important press has been similar. Brian has been very enthusiastic about what we’re doing from the beginning and Gabe Knuth of covered our new iPhone capabilities, Powwow extends their Windows app-refactoring solution to the iPhone, as did Ben Kepes of Forbes PowWow And The Allure Of Instant Mobile Apps and Pedro Hernandez of Datamation, PowWow Streamlines Enterprise Apps for the iPhone . The excitement extended to blogs and the Twittersphere too.

Don’t worry if you weren’t able to see us at BriForum. Email or give us a call if you’re interested in seeing your legacy apps instantly transformed for mobile!


Andrew Cohen, Co-founder and CEO