There’s no denying the fact that we are living a mobile life. We shop mobily, we order food and groceries, we text, we chat, we email, we live our lives through our phones. In fact, a recent study shows that we touch our phones over 2,000 times each day. As a people and as a workforce, we’re on the go. Yet, today, there is very little mobile enterprise software. 

PowWow Mobile Empowers The Mobile Workforce So when a Fortune 50 financial institution came to us to help them build an app that allows their teams to communicate with their IT department in a more efficient and effective way, we introduced them to our SmartUX™ integration with ITSM platforms, including Cherwell and ServiceNow. Our SmartUX™ Platform unlocks the power of mobile devices to simplify, integrate and automate everyday business processes. 

The Problems 

  • Service requests were cumbersome and only accessible from the Desktop.
  • The help request system needed its own help system. 
  • End-users managed support requests by navigating through a complex Desktop app.

The SmartUX Way

From design and development to deployment, using the PowWow Mobile SmartUX Platform, the financial institution was able to deliver a complete mobile app in weeks, with low-code and for less money. Here are some of the ways we transformed their user experience:

  • Users are provided a guided experience to submit an IT or Facilities help request
  • Mobile App allows users to attach photos of the screen, error, or problem
  • Support chat also integrated into Mobile App for real-time assistance
  • Call Help Desk directly from Mobile App
  • AirWatch EMM Integration

In the end, the user transformation resulted in quicker ticket resolution, improved employee productivity and a more efficient workflow. The customer was able to save money and improve employee experience – a win-win. Ready to modernize your workplace without having to write a single line of code? Click here to learn more about our product and to request a demo.