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Micro Apps Made Easy with PowWow Mobile

Alyssa Provazza of SearchMobileComputing.com examines the evolving world of mobile app deployment. With modern apps, tiny is trending and many organizations are trying customizable, single-purpose micro apps on for size. Learn how PowWow customer Flex uses our SmartUX Platform to build micro-apps that empower employees with quick task-based wins.  Read more >

How Low Code Solutions Eliminate Common Obstacles to Enterprise Mobile App Adoption

The need for enterprise mobile apps that improve employee productivity, data integrity and functionality is no longer considered a “nice to have” but a “must have” across all industries. However, limited time, budget and a lack of skilled developers and resources continue to hinder organizations from deploying useful business apps. These challenges were recently reaffirmed by a Gartner survey analysis entitled, “The Mobile App Development Trends That Will Impact Your Enterprise in 2017.” Read more >

4 Common Reasons Enterprise Mobile Apps Fail and How to Avoid It

Even with the best intentions and ideas, mobile apps can still fail. With enterprise apps not always living up to employee expectations, IT is left at a loss for what went wrong and how to improve the problem after such a lofty investment in time and resources. Read this article for four common reasons your enterprise mobile app may not have been successful and how your organization can avoid repeating the same mistakes in the future. Read more >