As enterprises come to the realization that they need to mobilize their applications to keep pace with competition and user demand, they face certain decisions:

  • Where do I begin?
  • How do I do it?
  • How many should I (or do I need to) mobilize?

As consultants advise options—and vendors in this space offer their solutions—the reality of the mobilization effort winds up looking like a pyramid. At the top is custom coding; at the bottom is ‘do nothing’.  And in between are a lot of question marks and unattractive solutions.

Let’s start with custom coding. For those key apps—especially the customer-facing apps that run your business—custom coding is the way to go. But, given the costs and timeframes associated with custom coding, the question facing the enterprise is:  what to do with the rest? And once the enterprise looks at the current solutions and their capabilities, it’s clear why ‘do nothing’ is the biggest part of the pyramid.


Among the solutions being offered to enterprises these days are the following:

  • Force-fitting a desktop application onto mobile with VDI (virtual desktop integration)
  • MEAP
  • MADP
  • HTML5

In upcoming blogs we’ll look at the above options in more detail, but analysts and customers alike will tell you that none of these is the right path to the ‘mobilized enterprise.’

At PowWow Mobile we believe in a different approach—and a different diagram. Employing our unique Enterprise Application Transformation process, most enterprises can transform the majority of their apps into fully mobile, fully native apps—in ten days or less. Without writing a line of code. As a result, the pyramid becomes a diamond, as ‘do nothing’ shrinks with each new mobile app and the enterprise moves ever closer to ‘true mobilization.’


So if you’re sick of playing the Pyramid game, see how you can turn that Pyramid into a Diamond.