IT Service Management lets your employees get the products, services, and support they need. But don’t stop halfway. Creating a custom ITSM Mobile App will empower your employees—to serve themselves anywhere, anytime. That makes the business go faster and IT even more efficient.

Why do you need an ITSM mobile app?

Today’s on-the-go employees blend their business and personal lives to become more productive than ever. They expect to manage their personal and business lives from their phones. The ability to easily access the information and services they need, anywhere, anytime, and from the device they rely on empowers them to do more, boosts job satisfaction, aids hiring, and increases retention.

Unlike browser access, an ITSM mobile app unlocks the power of mobility by using the capabilities of the mobile device: location services, camera, barcode scanning, biometric authentication, speech-to-text, voice calling, and others.

Even if your ITSM solution already has a mobile app, does it do what your organization needs? You don’t use your ITSM system in its default configuration, so a “cookie cutter” mobile app probably doesn’t work either. Customization adds a whole new set of improvements and new use cases to consider. Let’s look at some of the things customized ITSM mobile apps could empower your employees to do.

  1. Enter a ticket using a guided experience. Typing into a long form on a mobile device is not productive. A guided experience allows users to submit a ticket with as few as 4 taps, automatically filling in the critical information. Need to show the help desk exactly which headset you have? Simply snap a photo and attach it to the ticket.
  2. Fulfill services by location. Use GPS to detect an employee’s location to deliver products or services to the right place. Or filter the fulfiller’s queue by location to service all the tickets at a remote office in one go.
  3. Upload documents during onboarding. Build a custom onboarding flow that lets employees sign the documents they need to provide and upload a picture directly into your system.
  4. Unified approval. Let your managers approve equipment requests, expense reports, leaves, timecards, and other requests from a single app. You can even create a mash-up to approve all your requests in a single app rather than logging on to an ITSM system, Expensify, Salesforce, and Oracle separately.
  5. Push notifications. Don’t add another email to overflowing in baskets. Send push notification of time-critical actions to employees’ devices, for example to request more information on a ticket or notify a tech of a critical issue.
  6. Reset passwords. Rather than hunting for that elusive help desk phone number to reactivate blocked accounts, disconnected employees simply tap an icon, supply the necessary identification, and get back to work.
  7. Reserve a parking space. Have an app in your service catalog for parking at different office locations? A mobile app lets employee quickly claim a spot, receive the bar code needed for admittance, and scan it right from their phone.
  8. Quick access to call and chat. When an employee needs to follow up on a request while traveling, let them tap an icon to make a voice call or initiate a live chat with the helpdesk.
  9. Scan bar and QR codes. Let service personnel scan the tag on devices to get the configuration or support information they needs.

Add the power of mobility

Don’t stop halfway. You see mobility as the way to find new customers and built relationships. It’s also the way to empower you employees to do more for your business. It’s what they expect from the companies they do business with. Why should they expect less from you?

Interested in learning more about how a customized ITSM mobile app can help your business? Let’s chat.