The future of the digital workspace and end-user computing might be the primary themes for AirWatch Connect 2016, but for PowWow Mobile, the annual conference will be All About The Apps. Touted as “the leading event for enterprise mobility,” AirWatch Connect will allow attendees to preview new innovation, train on Windows 10 (which we are the only RMAD to support), take a deep dive into the VMware ecosystem and collaborate with and learn from some of enterprise mobility’s leading experts. Featured keynote speakers include the renowned Yahoo Tech journalist David Pogue, host of the Emmy-nominated Brain Games Jason Silva and VMware’s own Sanjay Poonen.

All About The Apps
At PowWow Mobile, we fundamentally believe that enterprise mobility is about more than just secure devices; it’s about equipping your workforce with the necessary tools they need to get the job done, wherever and however. This means quick, seamless and secure access to systems of record with the consumer-grade experience one would expect on their mobile device. According to research from Accenture, 81 percent of executives think mobile apps are integral to their organizations and businesses, while 85 percent believe that mobile apps will be the dominant interface for the future.

Located in the App Pavilion of the Mobility Expo will be our CEO Kia Behnia, VP of Product, Ravinder Braich and myself. Stop by for a demo and learn how our SmartUX Platform can deliver native mobile apps, in days, by leveraging your existing investment in applications, workflows and data. Not only can you transform existing applications with the SmartUX Platform, but you can also easily create modern, powerful net new apps that connect to anything and run anywhere by using our visual editor, SmartUX Studio,


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