In today’s always-connected, always-on world, your workforce needs instant and secure access to their critical business applications and data from any location, at any time and on any device. With 23 percent of U.S. employees work remotely at least some of the time and that number increasing, there is a critical need for accessing business applications from not only desktops and laptops, but tablets, smartphones and wearables as well to enhance productivity. In fact, according to a recent report, 76 percent of people avoid the office when they want to get work done and another survey found that 91 percent of employees believe they end up getting more work done when they work remotely.

With teams spread out across the country and around the globe, mobility is no longer a “nice to have” in the enterprise but a “need to have.” Further, to be productive, employees need to experience the power of “mobile moments,” the moments in which a person pulls out a mobile device to get what they want immediately.

While consumer apps have already staked their ground in providing true mobile moments to their users, the same cannot always be said of the enterprise. Consumer mobile apps such as Waze give users quick access to traffic patterns and new routes from their smart phone, but enterprise users still struggle to access data from their desktop applications via their mobile device. What does it look like to work without the need to fire up a laptop or desktop, log on and find a Wi-Fi connection? The ROI of enterprise apps would increase by reducing down time and costs. With rapid mobile app development solutions like PowWow Mobile, enterprises are now experiencing these same mobile moments that consumers love and expect.

Here, we explore the average day for Joe, a sales director that spends around three days a week working in an office out of San Francisco and two days working remotely from his home or on the road.

Let’s explore how the ability to work from any mobile device, at any time is changing the way he gets his work done:

8 a.m.: Starting the Day From Home

Joe has a long commute into his office in the city that includes a 20-minute drive to the station followed by a 45-minute train ride. There’s a Monday morning traffic jam and the train is running slow, so he decides to work from home for a couple of hours. Joe begins the day by sending a secure message to his boss via Slack to let him know he will be in later and works from his laptop in his home office on finishing proposals and sales quotes for several clients he will be visiting this afternoon. Using his corporate mobile app developed using the PowWow SmartUX Platform, Joe can work on his proposal at home, catch the train and resume his session right where he left off and submit final edits while on the go.

9:45 a.m.: Corporate Approvals with Coffee

Walking to the train, Joe grabs coffee at a neighborhood coffee shop. While waiting in line for his espresso, he receives a  notification from one of his account representatives to approve a pricing document. Joe is able to approve the document with a couple taps of his Apple Watch without having to pull out his computer, VPN in and establish a secure connection.

10 a.m.: Limited Connection on the Train 

The 45-minute train ride to the city does not come equipped with high-speed wireless connectivity, so Joe uses LTE on his tablet to view and edit a client proposal and share with his team before he arrives at the office.

11 a.m.: Sharing Virtually Across Time Zones

Joe meets with his boss in-person and has a call with team members in Atlanta and London to discuss a project proposal. With PowWow Mobile’s Smart Roaming capabilities, Joe is able to open his proposal where he left off on his laptop at home earlier in the day and share it with his team.

2 – 5 p.m.: Sharing Files with Clients via Tablet

Joe has a busy afternoon ahead of him with several client meetings. Unfortunately, he forgot his laptop charger and does not have much battery left. Luckily, he has his tablet and smartphone fully charged in hand and can easily share proposals and presentations with his clients with a few taps. Joe is able to make edits to proposals based on specific client needs, get signatures on his tablet from his accounts, and securely gather data that is stored in the cloud and off the tablet, since all PowWow created-apps are session based and do not store data on the device.

6:00 p.m.: Finishing the Last Few Tasks of the Day 

After a jam-packed afternoon, Joe is heading home and is able to finish a few final tasks from his business mobile app on his iPhone. If he receives any pressing notifications, he can view them right from his Apple Watch.

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