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Enterprise Mobility Bytes | Week of August 7-13, 2017

How CIOs Can Help Push Through A Hybrid Digital Transformation Environment

Recent research from consulting giant Bain & Company has aimed to give CIOs more of a pointer in their digital transformation initiatives. The report – ‘Six IT Design Rules for Digital Transformation’ – argues that instead of having smooth sailing when it comes to digital transformation, CIOs are “struggling with a complex environment, higher costs, vexing compliance and security issues, and a perpetual need for faster implementation and sharper insights.”

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Lack Of Skills, Budget Stunts Enterprise App Success

According to a recently released survey, nearly two-thirds (65 percent) of business leaders who’ve invested in mobile app development internally in the last year aren’t satisfied with their IT department’s management of the overall app user experience, while 92 percent of those respondents felt their externally developed apps didn’t meet expectations.

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Empower IT To Lead Digital Transformation

The consumerization of IT has completely changed expectations for service delivery across the business, and nimble CIOs know the only way to help keep their companies competitive is to extend an olive branch across lines of business and ensure IT is meeting the needs of a company’s users and customers. In the Technology Services Industry Association’s (TSIA) 2017 State of Support Services report, TSIA executive director Thomas Lah said the technology industry is in the first phase of a massive industry transformation that will play out over the next three to five years.

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Enterprise IT: It’s Time To Shift From A Cost Center To An Innovation Center

The role of IT is rapidly changing as more business units are beginning to take on their own technology projects. According to a recent study of 708 CIOs, forty percent said that they make 50 percent or less of the IT decisions for their companies. 39 percent said that business departments buy their own technology without consulting IT “often,” “very often,” or “most of the time.” With this shift in the workplace, where is IT heading?

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To Get The Most Out Of DevOps, Go All In

Adopting devOps strategies help organizations release code faster and more frequently, according to a new survey of IT professionals in the US and Europe. While that’s not exactly surprising, the survey also suggests that organizations are best off taking an all-in approach to devOps — and that partial devOps adoption could actually be counterproductive.

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Android App Stores Flooded With 1,000 Spyware Apps

Hackers have flooded Android app stores – including the official Google Play store – with over one thousand spyware apps which have the capability to monitor almost every action on an infected device. Dubbed SonicSpy, the malware can silently record calls and audio, take photos, make calls, send text messages to numbers specified by the attackers, monitor calls logs and contacts and monitor information about Wi-Fi access points.

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A Digital-People Strategy Is Critical In Today’s Changing Workplace

As digital transformation continues to disrupt the workplace, companies worldwide can expect a severe shortfall in digital talent by 2020. In fact, a survey of more than 600 senior executives reveals that, even today, the biggest perceived technology challenge for many companies is a lack of qualified employees. To survive, says a report by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), companies must hire, train, and retain new pools of skilled digital talent and build digital skills in the existing workforce.

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Latest Research Shows Continued Issues With Enterprise Mobility Initiatives

The vast majority of executives polled by enterprise information management (EIM) provider M-Files say their employees have difficulty locating documents when working outside of the office. The study, which was conducted by Vanson Bourne, quizzed 250 UK-based IT decision makers, and found more than half of respondents (51 percent) said they would like the ability to access company documents, or be able to edit them, when working remotely or on a mobile device.

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Gaming Apps Make Up Over A Quarter Of China’s Mobile Apps: MIIT

Among the total 4.02 million apps available for download in mobile apps stores in China, 1.17 million are gaming apps, followed by life service apps and ecommerce apps, which reached 528,000 and 421,000 respectively as of the end of June, according to a report by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) released recently.

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VMware, MobileIron, IBM, BlackBerry And Citrix Top IDC EMM Rankings

VMware, MobileIron, IBM, BlackBerry and Citrix make the top of the pile in IDC’s latest report examining enterprise mobility management (EMM). The study, published for the first time by IDC, puts VMware at the top of the tree, with the 14 vendors overall being ranked on ‘capabilities’ and ‘strategies’ – not too dissimilar from ‘ability to execute’ and ‘completeness of vision’ from a rival analyst firm – and being categorized as either leaders, major players, contenders, or participants.

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Amazon Jumps On Kubernetes Bandwagon

Kubernetes is the most popular open-source container manager. It’s been officially supported on every cloud platform you’ve ever heard of… with one big exception: Amazon Web Service (AWS). Now, AWS has got on board the Kubernetes bandwagon as well by joining the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) as a platinum member.

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Oracle Churns Out A Flock Of New Cloud Applications

Oracle appears to be on a serious DevOps/agile development track, churning out new cloud-based apps on an increasingly fast scale as the company continues to make the transition to become more of a cloud-based vendor. The database, data center hardware and software-as-a-service giant released a flotilla of new capabilities and enhancements to cloud apps in its Oracle Cloud Applications Release 13.

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What Makes A Great Chatbot? Laser Focus On Customers

Chatbots are a big reason why corporate adoption of cognitive systems and AI will drive worldwide revenues from nearly $8 billion in 2016 to more than $47 billion in 2020, according to IDC. But what exactly makes a great chatbot? Perhaps more importantly given enterprises’ investments in such tools, what makes a bad one? What precautions should CIOs take in building them?

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