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Enterprise Mobility Bytes | Week of – April 30 – May 6, 2018

Eight Reasons Machine Learning Isn’t Mainstream In The Enterprise

Machine learning has made huge strides in recent years. It’s helped Netflix perfect binge watching, taught Siri how to sound more human and, matched people’s selfies with famous pieces of art. But when it comes to machine learning use cases for the enterprise, it gets a whole lot more complicated.

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How To Make Sure Digital Transformation Does Not Transform You Out Of Business

Digital transformation is a hot topic lately; it seems to be all the rage right now, especially for any business not ‘born digital’, which is basically every large organization out there, except those like Google and Facebook. But what is ‘Digital Transformation’? In a nutshell, it is a business ‘going digital’, moving from its traditional market. There is a key difference, however, between a traditional organization going digital and a company born digital and that is in the back end – born digital companies are digital end-to-end.

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Dell, HP May Be Building Premium Chromebooks To Compete With Google Pixelbook

New Chromebooks built to compete with Google’s premium Pixelbook are reportedly in the works at Dell, HP, and three other manufacturers. Targeting professionals, they are expected to arrive in the latter half of 2018 sporting high resolutions, seventh-generation Intel processors, and up to 16GB of system memory. They’ll also supposedly support the Wake on Voice feature provided with Google Assistant.

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Digital Transformation: The Intersection Of Hype And Performance

In today’s digital economy, IT performance is more critical than ever. Time and cost savings stemming from high performance—and losses associated with performance hiccups—can have a serious impact on a business’s bottom line. In fact, Amazon® has calculated that a page load slowdown of just one second could cost its business $1.6 billion in sales each year. The average small business can expect to lose $100,000 in IT downtime every year.

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The Future Of Enterprise IoT: Two Factors To Watch

Only 26 percent of companies have had an Internet of Things project that they consider a success, according to research from Cisco. And, 60 percent of IoT projects currently die before even leaving the proof of concept stage. ZDNet and TechRepublic have been covering the IoT movement extensively since 2012, and we’re now seeing enterprises that have learned from several generations of IoT projects.

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Microsoft 365 Business Boosts SMB Security With Ransomware Protection

Following in the footsteps of its upmarket cousin, the Microsoft 365 Business suite now has new security enhancements meant to keep small and midsize business (SMB) users and the data they’re entrusted with safe.

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Windows 10: We’re Going To Kill Off Passwords And Here’s How

Microsoft wants to banish the use of passwords to log into Windows devices, and has showcased some of the new technologies it wants to use to make this happen. “Nobody likes passwords. They are inconvenient, insecure, and expensive. In fact, we dislike them so much that we’ve been busy at work trying to create a world without them — a world without passwords,” said Karanbir Singh, principal program manager for enterprise and security at Microsoft, in a blog post.

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Four Key Challenges To Digital Transformation Projects

The World Economic Forum calculates that digitization could deliver $100 trillion in value to global businesses across the next decade. However, not every business will succeed in gaining a share of this due to failing to overcome impediments.

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CEOs’ Priorities ‘Shifting To Embrace Digital Transformation’

Growth and IT (information technology) top the list of CEOs’ (Chief Executive Officers’) priorities in 2018 and 2019, according to the latest survey of top bosses by technology analyst Gartner. The survey found that as simple, implemental growth becomes harder to achieve, CEOs (more typically called ‘Chief Executives’ in UK charities) are concentrating on changing and upgrading the structure of their companies, including a deeper understanding of digitalized operations as they move to them.

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Enterprise IoT Projects: Data, ML, Security, And Other Key Factors

The collection and analysis of data from sensor-equipped devices in order to achieve a business or organizational goal — a.k.a. the Internet of Things, or IoT — is a key component in the wave of digital transformation underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Although the IoT has been discussed and analyzed for many years, there’s a widespread sense that the pieces are now falling into place for it to begin delivering real value for businesses of all kinds, and not just early adopters.

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Developers Can Now Make Money Off Alexa Skills

Amazon has announced news of the availability of in-skill purchasing for Alexa skills in the U.S. While the service was announced back in November of 2017, it was only available to a handful of voice app developers before today.

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Dell Practices What It Preaches About Digital Transformation

Dell’s Merger With EMC in 2016 required the combined company to carry out its own digital transformation program to create a unified omni-channel customer experience with technology and expertise it now shares with clients.

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Building For iOS And Android: Getting Started With Google’s Flutter

Google’s new Flutter cross-platform development platform is intended to build code that runs on iOS and Android. Perhaps best thought of as a competitor to Microsoft’s Xamarin, it uses Google’s Dart language, with a C++ runtime and a set of user interface widgets for iOS and for Android, based on each target mobile platform’s look-and-feel.

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Making Sense Of AI In Our Future Society

For government and business leaders trying to make sense of the AI conundrum, Microsoft has recently published ‘The Future Computed, Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Society’, helmed by Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, and Harry Shum, Executive Vice President of Microsoft AI and Research Group. Besides highlighting Microsoft’s approach to AI, including principles, policies and laws for responsible use of AI, ‘Future Computed’ offers three conclusions on AI’s impact on work and jobs.

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Stripe Launches New Security App For Fraud Teams

Stripe, which started out in 2010 by providing a set of unified APIs and tools that enables businesses to accept and manage online payments for any type of credit or debit card, is using that experience to branch out in a new security area. The San Francisco-based payments-and-security software company has launched a new version of its Radar platform, featuring tools designed for enterprises that use machine-learning models in the software.

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Digital Transformation Puts Data Privacy, Regulation At Risk

The digital transformation that has seen most companies design new strategies aimed at providing innovations that are more attuned to changing customer expectations, may also be creating complications in terms of data privacy and new regulation. The 15 Global Fraud Survey conducted by Ernst & Young (EY) with theme, “Integrity in the Spotlight: the Future of compliance,” has found that open and connected business models are likely to result in increased exposure to cyber threats and ransomware.

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The Enterprise Shows Little Interest In Blockchain Technology: Gartner

Blockchain technology adoption in the enterprise is limping along at only one percent with the majority of Chief Information Officers (CIOs) displaying little interest in the technology. According to research firm Gartner, only one percent of CIOs indicate there is any kind of blockchain-related projects or systems within their organizations, and only eight percent are in the stages of short-term planning or experimentation with blockchain.

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Enterprises Prioritizing AI, Analytics, Security For Digital Transformation

MetTel, a leading communications solutions provider, has released its findings of enterprise customer IT priorities. Of those respondents, 64 percent indicated that AI and analytics top their list of digital transformation (DX) technologies they are most interested in, followed by 55 percent saying that networking and hyper-connectivity solutions – such as SD-WAN – are of interest.

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Google And Amazon To Power Voice Banking Trend

As consumers move further forward into the digital realm to do everyday activities, it is not too inconceivable that banking will become one activity to be parlayed via voice technologies from the likes of Amazon and Google. In 2016, Emmett Higdon, Director of Digital Banking at Javelin Strategy & Research, warned that a strong level of consumer interest in voice control of mobile banking is not being matched by bank development to meet the emerging demand. Delivered initially through banks’ mobile banking applications, voice assistants will evolve to handle routine banking functions through a variety of devices, including wearables, automobiles, and home automation hubs such as Amazon’s Echo and Google Home.

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