Here’s an amazing stat:  while the average Fortune 2000 enterprise runs over 5,000 apps (that’s not a misprint), that same enterprise has mobilized and deployed less than ten.

It’s not IT’s fault:  the intent to mobilize is there. The options aren’t. Custom coding is too expensive (mobilizing an enterprise app with custom coding can take up to a year and cost $500K and up) and the ‘rapid development’ solutions are too limited, resulting in a bad user experience and poor productivity.

There needs to be a ‘third way.’ We believe we’ve created it. We call it ‘application transformation’, and we believe it’s the best, fastest path to the mobile enterprise.

We’ll be displaying our amazing technology in Orlando next week at the Citrix Synergy show. We’ll be showcasing how we can transform a Citrix app running on XenApp as well as our ability to mobilize and deploy apps for any mobile device. We’re in Booth 504:  come by and see us.

Meet with us at Synergy