As 2017 draws to a close, it’s time to reflect and prepare for 2018. Kickstart your inspiration for next year with our most popular content from the year now past.

  1. [Webinar] Driving Digital Transformation with Citizen Development
    This year, we teamed up with Ovum Research to deliver a webinar that provides some insight into how enterprises can drive their digital transformation by leveraging low-code solutions such as PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform.
  2. [Article] How Intelligent Apps Are Delivering the Future of Work
    There’s no other way to put it, intelligent apps are now essential to expedite business transformation. Hear from Kristen Rachels, VP of Marketing and Communications, on how intelligent apps can positively affect workflows and increase productivity at your organization when powered by AI and machine learning.
  3. [Blog] A New Generation of Enterprise Mobile App Development: Welcome to RMAD 3.0
    The rise of citizen developers and the democratization of mobility has spawned a new generation of RMADs.Take a deep dive into this history of RMAD and what the new 3.0 generation means for enterprises.
  4. [Case Study Video] Delta Delivers a First Class User Experience for Passengers
    In partnership with PowWow Mobile, Delta transformed customer service, taking agents from behind kiosks to servicing passengers from anywhere on mobile tablets. Using our SmartUX Platform to streamline multiple systems and data sources needed to update seat assignments, check bag status, rebook flights, board passengers and more.
  5. [Video] PowWow Mobile + VMware Workspace ONE Integration
    This year, PowWow announced an integration with VMware’s Workspace ONE. Watch this video to see first-hand how you can transform your systems of record into systems of engagement with complete end-to-end security with this integration.
  6. [News] 2017 Mobile Transformer – Mary Shamouel, CIO of Social Services Agency, County of Santa Clara
    This annual award recognizes individuals making a significant impact in workplace transformation through the modernization and mobilization of enterprise applications. The inaugural award was presented to Mary Shamouel, CIO of Social Services Agency, County of Santa Clara.
  7. [White Paper] App Road Map: The Enterprise’s Code-Free Future
    PowWow Mobile conducted a survey in partnership with Enterprise Mobility Exchange that revealed that time, cost and lack of skilled resources remains the primary obstacles to mobilizing legacy systems. This white paper shows how the use of low-code RMAD solutions can help organizations quickly, simply and cost-effectively extend their existing systems out to mobile users.
  8. [News] PowWow Mobile Recognized as “Best of 2017” in the Mobile Star Awards
    PowWow was recently recognized as “Best of 2017” in the 16th annual Mobile Star Awards™ program, for its innovative solution that accelerates and streamlines mobile app development for enterprise customers.
  9. [Datasheet] PowWow SmartUX & Blackberry Dynamics Integration
    This year, PowWow Mobile also announced an integration with BlackBerry Dynamics. Read this data sheet to learn how this integration accelerates & streamlines the creation & deployment of secure omni-channel apps.
  10. [Article] How Low-Code Solutions Eliminate Common Obstacles to Enterprise Mobile App Adoption
    With limited development capabilities in-house, many IT teams are struggling with significant backlogs of applications that need to be mobilized. PowWow Mobile shares some insight on how to overcome these obstacles with low-code solutions in techseen.