Enterprise IT: It’s Time to Shift from a Cost Center to an Innovation Center

The role of the CIO and the role of IT departments is changing as executives take on technology projects on their own. According to a recent study of 708 CIOs, forty percent said that they make 50 percent or less of the IT decisions for their companies. 39 percent said that business departments buy their own technology without consulting IT "often," "very often" or "most of the time." With this shift in the workplace, where is IT heading? As outsourcing projects and non-technical teams procuring their own tech projects, IT and the CIO are having to re-vamp their roles and proving their worth in a modern enterprise

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The CIO’s Role in Driving Digital Transformation Initiatives In Their Organization

Enterprises around the globe are under pressure to drive digital transformation processes that enhance efficiency and employee productivity in the workplace. However, the journey towards digital transformation in the enterprise has proven not to be an easy one, with many lacking the information-related skilled needed to be successful. Read this blog post for the steps CIOs must take to adapt to digital transformation in the workplace.

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Drive Your Organization’s Digital Transformation with Citizen Developers and IT

According to a report from Gartner, market demand for mobile apps will outstrip IT's organizations' capacity to deliver them five to one by the end of this year. The use of low-to-no code platforms enable citizen developers to assist IT with the design and development of simple, task-based micro-apps that enable significant productivity and usability gains but, are not the most pressing nor require heavy lifting by IT.

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Digital Transformation: The Mobility Catalyst

Kia Behnia, CEO of PowWow Mobile, explains why a successful digital transformation program starts and finishes with establishing a mobile-first culture: The rise of digital transformation signifies a massive cultural shift within organisations where changes to the way that business is done and how customers, partners and employees are served, is fundamentally shifting. Digital [...]

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