The 21stcentury is all about the unprecedented alliance of wireless communication and digital technology to provide a responsive, comprehensive technology platform that lets everyone live and work better. The enterprise mobile app, software designed to work on portable devices expressly for work purposes, is a part of this evolution in work and lifestyle. If you haven’t already started integrating an enterprise mobile app into your business operations, here are four reasons why you shouldn’t continue to sleep on it.

The Digital Transformation Won’t Stop

For general consumers, “FOMO” or “Fear Of Missing Out,” anxiety borne of not being up on the latest trends, fashions, memes, or pop culture phenomenon. In business, however, FOMO is a very real threat that can result in going out of business as competition embraces new technologies that allow them to perform better than you do.

Better Communication

Enterprise mobile apps can improve your communication network with your employees. Now it’s not just a telephone landline, cellular phone number, text message, or email address that you can use to reach out. Dedicated apps can create dedicated communication channels and platforms for you and all of your employees for better, more responsive communications.

A More Mobile Workforce

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever before. If the only they can get work done is by going back to the office to use a desktop computer, they’ll be outperformed by workers that can get the same work done on their phone while they’re still out. Enterprise mobile appscan handle some of the office-related tasks such as administration of travel expenses, dispatching and logging of assignments, clocking in employees who are starting their shift, and much more.

Improved Employee Experience

Perhaps most important of all, a good enterprise mobile app can improve your employee experience, and this provides the dual benefits of having a happier worker, with greater conveniences, who can also work more productively and efficiently for you.

For example, a business that has employees punch in when they start their shift can often mean a big line up at a single machine before people can get to work. An app on phones that does the same thing means people can get to work faster without having to deal with a lineup. In the same way, filing a business expense for a business dinner, as it happens, at the restaurant, with a quick entry in the employee app, and a photo of the receipt as proof is a much faster, more convenient way for everyone to work, rather than waiting for a trip to end, and file a travel expense report with all the receipts saved.

One of these reasons can help your business. All of them combined can mean a big improvement.