PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform accelerates mobile app development for your organization by transforming your existing Windows and web applications and workflows into modern mobile experiences or; by creating net new apps that connect to any third-party data source, API or SQL.

Since PowWow’s platform can transform any of your applications into useable business mobile apps while preserving data and existing integrations, your users can spend more time developing apps instead of rewriting existing business logic.

PowWow’s SmartUX Platform simply and seamlessly integrates with your existing web-based applications and legacy systems while transforming them in to mobile apps that require little to no coding skills to deploy. Watch the three videos below by Jonathan Kaplan, Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at PowWow Mobile:

Simply and Seamlessly Integrate Systems

Beyond the ease of existing application integration, PowWow’s platform is known for its extensibility. We often hear from our customers how surprised they are at the simplicity of the SmartUX Platform, and how quickly they can develop apps that make significant changes to their business functions.




Low Code / No Code Required

At PowWow Mobile, we focus on automating your legacy applications so your business users and IT teams can focus on building user interfaces with little to no code.

Using the SmartUX Studio, anyone in your organization can be an app developer with our drag and drop visual editor. Beyond drag and drop capabilities, the platform works with your existing mobile-first features including alerts and push notifications, camera, GPS, touch ID and NFC. When your business users need specific capabilities that require coding, the extensibility of our platform gives your in-house developers and technical teams the ability to customize the features you need with code on the back-end.




Leverage and Extend Your Existing Investment

PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform is so simple to use because of our three-step development process: deconstruct, transform and reconstruct.

The transformation of an existing application to a native mobile app begins with the deconstruction process where a container is wrapped around the application at the presentation layer. From here, your organization can choose which components of the existing application you want to use in your business mobile app.

Once a container is wrapped around the application, your non-technical staff can transform the data from your original application and build a completely new user interface for the application through our SmartUX Studio.

Finally, the reconstruction process gives your business users the ability to have full control of their experience on a native mobile app. Your team now has full control of the user experience and can add new features that weren’t available in the original application. With the SmartUX Studio, you can start with your existing application, transform it and add new functionalities to extend it.




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