Debunking the Five Most Common Myths Associated with Enterprise Mobile Apps

According to the 2017 Gartner CIO Agenda Report, spending on mobility and mobile applications is among the top five priorities for most CIOs. However, these CIO’s are encountering a combination of myths and limitations that hinder the move to enterprise mobility. Read this blog post to learn more about debunking the five most common myths associated with enterprise mobile apps.

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A New Generation of Enterprise Mobile App Development: Welcome to RMAD 3.0

The rise of citizen developers and the democratization of mobility has spawned a new generation of RMADs. Introducing RMAD 3.0, powerful enterprise app development platforms with the unprecedented ability to transform complex apps and workflows without sacrificing cost and ease of use.

WWDC 2017: Why Apple Has The Enterprise Buzzing

Apple made several consumer and developer announcements at this year's WWDC 2017, the technology giant's annual conference. The event kicked off Monday with a keynote featuring news of an upgraded iPad Pro, iOS 11, artificial intelligence technology, person-to-person payments from Apple Pay, augmented reality and more. Let's take a look back at just a few of the new technologies and enhancements that already have enterprises buzzing.

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Accelerate Task-Based Quick Wins In Your Enterprise with Micro-Apps

Mobile app development platforms, like PowWow Mobile are making it easier for technical and non-technical teams to deploy their own micro apps that optimize a specific application workflow. In recent years, the idea of "micro moments," or brief interactions where apps can capture the attention of a user and anticipate their needs in seconds have become increasingly popular. While business mobile apps are designed to help increase productivity and workflows in a number of situations, micro-apps are designed to resolve simple but critical tasks in your organization.

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