Company extends its leadership in enterprise mobility with the richest IP and patent portfolio in the industry

SAN FRANCISCO, February 14, 2017 /PRWeb/ — PowWow Mobile, the leading enterprise mobility platform that allows companies to deliver powerful, modern native mobile apps quickly, simply and economically, today announced that it has received a Notice of Allowance from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for two patent applications related to its rapid mobile app development (RMAD) technology. Today’s news further solidifies PowWow Mobile’s leadership in enterprise mobility with the richest IP and patent portfolio in the industry.

U.S. Patent Application No. 14/097195 – The “Systems And Methods To Configure Applications,” relates to the means to install and configure different applications using a common interface, and allows users to conveniently manage a portfolio of applications types using a common set of tools. The primary benefit of this approach is the ability to address multiple types of applications used via remote clients or remote computing devices. This patent is one of two patents invented by PowWow Mobile co-founder and Chief Technology Officer, Jonathan Kaplan.

U.S. Patent Application No. 13/256749 – The “Systems And Methods For Improved Wireless Interface Aggregation,” relates to the means by which multiple wireless network interfaces can be aggregated. The primary benefit of this approach is that the overall throughput rate is greater than the sum of the individual wireless network interfaces unto themselves, yielding advanced performance at the endpoint device, such as a smartphone or tablet.

This patent is one of five patents, which arose from research developed within the Networks and Mobile Computing Research Laboratory at The Georgia Institute of Technology, for which PowWow holds an exclusive global license from the Georgia Tech Research Corporation (GTRC), arising from its acquisition of StarMobile, Inc. last year. That intellectual property was commercialized through VentureLab, the #2 ranked university-based business incubator in the world, under grants from the Georgia Research Alliance (GRA) and the National Science Foundation (NSF), and at the Advance Technology Development Center (ATDC) at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

“These patents are critical building blocks of our current product capabilities and represent an important milestone for PowWow Mobile, as we advance our efforts in building a robust IP portfolio in support of our Rapid Mobile App Development technology,” said Kia Behnia, CEO, PowWow Mobile. “Our vision is to be the platform of choice for both IT and Lines of Business to design, build and run enterprise mobile apps quickly, simply and cost-effectively. These patents are indicative of our commitment to innovation as the basis of our current and future product roadmap.”

The PowWow Mobile solution disrupts the speed, complexity and economics commonly associated with delivering productivity enhancing apps to an increasingly mobile-first workforce. The PowWow SmartUX™ Platform accelerates mobile app development by transforming existing Windows, web and Java applications and workflows into modern mobile experiences or; by creating net new apps that connect to any third-party data source, API or SQL. With PowWow Mobile, users can easily design and deploy personalized, intelligent and secure apps that run anywhere, on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone or watch) and any OS (iOS, Android, Windows 10, or HTML5).

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