PowWow Mobile adds new financial services and technology customers in first half of 2016

San Francisco – June 29, 2016 – PowWow Mobile, the leader in enterprise app mobility, today announced strong customer growth of its SmartUX Platform. REDI Global Technologies and Tracker join PowWow’s expanding ecosystem of customers across all industries. Customers are expanding deployments of PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform to mobilize all their enterprise applications.

“Companies are using mobile technologies to transform their industry. Organizations are universally challenged delivering modern experiences for the digital workplace due to long timelines and high delivery costs,” said Kia Behnia, CEO, PowWow Mobile. “Our SmartUX platform allows any organization to transform any existing desktop or web application into a native, mobile app in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months or years.”

With PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform, organizations can transform any Windows or web application into a native mobile app:

  • Saving on cost and time. Rather than re-coding apps or re-integrating data, the SmartUX Platform allows enterprises to create mobile apps with little to no code, all in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost.
  • Ensuring anywhere, anytime access. Employees can seamlessly transition from working on a project on their mobile device, resume the task on their desktop and finalize it on their tablet.
  • Driving toward a digital transformation. PowWow Mobile enables enterprises to easily transition existing business functions to user-friendly digital experiences.

Tracker Corp., a technology company, whose customers include the nation’s largest retailers, fast casual restaurant chains, grocers, transportation companies, federal contractors, staffing companies and more uses SmartUX Platform to power mobile versions of its core I-9 and E-Verify software. Tracker’s customers have as many as 10,000 field managers smoothly processing over 1.75 million flawless I-9s for new hires every year. Tracker needed a mobile version of their software to bring HR to employees, rather than employees going to HR.

“In today’s modern workforce, HR teams need to be able to complete critical employment forms at the employees’ worksite – whether at a retail store or on a movie production set,” said Fred Colman, President, Tracker. “By using PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform, we’ve been able to meet our customers’ needs for mobile versions of our software, five times faster and less expensively than in-house development. Now HR managers can complete I-9 and E-Verify processes in or out of the office.”

REDI Global Technologies, provider of an advanced, end-to-end trade management platform, joined forces with PowWow Mobile to create a mobile version of its REDIPlus platform. Using PowWow’s SmartUX Platform, REDI has enabled its clients to enter, update and monitor orders from their iPad.

“Traders and portfolio managers increasingly require access to their trading platforms outside of the traditional desktop environment,” said Mark Etherington, CTO, REDI Global Technologies. “By partnering with PowWow, we were able to quickly introduce a real value-added enhancement for our users while our engineering team continued to work on the more strategic development projects.”

The PowWow Mobile SmartUX Platform is now generally available. Visit PowWowMobile.com for more details.

About PowWow Mobile
PowWow Mobile allows enterprises to transform business applications into modern, mobile app experiences. PowWow Mobile eliminates business-IT friction as enterprises seek competitive advantage and increased productivity through mobile for today’s digital workplace. SmartUX Platform accelerates enterprise application transformation by creating new, native mobile apps from any web or Windows app, quickly without sacrificing quality, and at a lower cost than custom solutions or other tools. PowWow Mobile works with customers across industries, including financial services, healthcare, telecom, software, consulting and public sector. PowWow Mobile is based in San Francisco. Learn more at powwowmobile.com.

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