Study conducted with Enterprise Mobility Exchange reaffirms time, cost and resource constraints as primary obstacles to mobilizing legacy systems

SAN FRANCISCO, March 14, 2017 /PRWeb/ — PowWow Mobile, the leading enterprise mobility platform that allows companies to deliver powerful, modern native mobile apps quickly, simply and economically, today released survey results that identify major challenges in initiatives to modernize enterprise applications.

The survey, which was conducted in partnership with Enterprise Mobility Exchange, revealed that time; cost and lack of skilled resources remain the primary obstacles to mobilizing legacy systems. The report entitled, App Road Map: The Enterprise’s Code-Free Future, unveils detailed survey results from IT professionals in industries spanning healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, utilities, consumer goods and retail, among many others.

“The results of this survey validate that while fragmentation is a problem, IT professionals recognize the need for a scalable solution to extend their legacy applications out to mobile users,” said Kristen H. Rachels, vice president of marketing and communications, PowWow Mobile. “With the use of low-code RMAD solutions, organizations have the opportunity to quickly, simply and cost-effectively leverage their existing investments in the systems they use everyday to support their business, while managing their growing project backlogs, without needing an army of developers or specialized skillsets; and at the speed and economics that Line of Business expects.”

Key findings:

  • Modernizing and mobilizing legacy systems is a priority. Over 30 percent of IT professionals cite modernizing legacy systems as their most important initiative for 2017. However, 21 percent cite challenges related to integrating multiple disparate systems.
  • Time & cost remain major inhibitors. Insufficient time, budget & lack of developers were cited equally (46 percent) as the primary challenges of respondents to deliver mobile apps to the workforce. 82 percent of enterprises reported an average of 6.5 months to design and deploy just one mobile app.
  • Growing backlogs are hindering the process. The number of workflows enterprises need to mobilize shows just how far behind many companies are lagging, with 87 percent of respondents indicating at least three processes need to be transformed. As a result, this backlog is leading to confusion on where to begin the app development process.
  • RMAD adoption is increasing. Rapid mobile app development (RMAD) is the next option of choice, just behind in-house development; with 33 percent of IT professionals reporting that they have considered low-to-no code solutions as a means to mobilize their workforce.
  • The ROI of mobile-enabling employees is significant. IT executives, while torn on where or how to begin the mobile transformation process, can’t deny the return found when mobile-enabling employees, with 72 percent believing an upwards of 30-percent in costs is being saved; and three out of four IT leaders believe their employees would save a minimum of one business day out of every two work weeks with mobile apps.

“While we found that enterprise mobility has evolved from an idea into a necessity for many organizations, numerous challenges continue to stand in the way of widespread adoption,” said Jason Koestenblatt, editor-in-chief of Enterprise Mobility Exchange. “However, the respondent’s higher than anticipated expectations of quantifiable ROI, recognition of measurable time savings benefits and a growing awareness of RMAD technologies suggest that the majority of enterprises have finally committed to mobilization when done in an efficient and cost effective way.”

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