Key Drivers Empowering Business Teams to Deliver Apps at Scale


Every industry is undergoing unprecedented change as digitization takes hold. Every company will essentially become an organization powered by software that is driving highly customized yet flexible business processes. This shift is already underway with one of the key drivers being the shift of technical responsibility into business units where those closer to the actual business problems are using tools, sanctioned and centrally controlled by IT, to craft their own solutions.

Currently, nearly 60% of all custom apps are being created outside of the IT department and of those 30% were created by citizen developers. This trend is growing rapidly, as 82% of all businesses reporting that citizen developers are going to become more important over the next two years. Now is the time to think about how to empower your business teams, in collaboration with IT to drive your transformation.

Watch this webinar to learn the key drivers empowering business teams to deliver apps at scale and learn more about how PowWow’s SmartUX Platform has enabled leading organizations such as Delta and Flex to drive digital transformation.


Chris Marsh
Research Director,
Workforce Productivity & Compliance

451 Research

Ravinder Braich
Vice President,
Product Management

PowWow Mobile