Today’s businesses operate in a fast paced, tech-heavy world that leaves little room for error or delay when it comes to driving a business forward to results. And today, workers everywhere rely on their smartphone or mobile device to keep them connected and working at their best. Enterprise mobile application development is a solution that many businesses are beginning to seize upon thanks to the fact that it helps improve connectivity, workflow, and communication tasks for an entire workforce, all on a mobile device. 

What Is Enterprise Mobile App Development

An enterprise mobile application is any kind of app in the mobile universe that is used to solve problems and needs of an enterprise or large organizations. Most of these apps are created with the goal of merging with existing enterprise mobile apps, legacy systems, and existing infrastructure within the business. 

An app will often focus on giving all of the tools an employee needs to do their job to them in a mobile form, simplifying and streamlining their workflow by letting them work from anywhere. Enterprise mobile app development is the process of creating and developing these apps so the enterprise gets the system that it needs. 

Instead of handling enterprise mobile app development in house, most major companies turn to professional organizations to manage their app development needs. This ensures that a business gets exactly the app they need without having to spend weeks of their own manpower developing it. 

What Are Some Use Cases?

Enterprise mobile app development can provide a business with virtually all of the tools its team needs to operate. Along the way it can also improve overall collaboration and communication between employees and help make it easier to reach goals without downtime or hassle. Some of the best use cases for enterprise mobile app development include things like the following. 

  • Sale Quotes 
  • Scheduling
  • Planning upcoming events or travel needs
  • Asset management 
  • Pricing 
  • Catalog management 
  • Work orders
  • Customer Relationship Management 
  • Human resource management 
  • And more

Essentially, any kind of process or use that your business may need to focus on can be improved with effective enterprise mobile app development. And since the system can be built from the ground up specifically for your business’ unique needs, a company today will get exactly the results they need. 

Who Needs Enterprise Mobile App Development?

Virtually every business or organization operating today needs to turn to enterprise mobile app development at some point in their existence. The sooner they do so, the better. If your business is large enough to employ multiple employees and if it relies on software in any capacity, the odds are strong that enterprise mobile app development could help make it even better. 

Consider that already about 55% of businesses have a policy focusing on letting employees bring their own device to work, and that more than 80% of employees in the workforce have a smartphone. That’s a huge loss potential for any business since the technology is already in the pockets of the user – they just need the app to get things going. 

Already demand for mobile apps in the enterprise field has grown dramatically, but a surprising number of businesses don’t yet implement them due to confusion about the costs or fears about adding another process to their workflow. But in the end, every business can benefit from enterprise mobile app development. 

What Are The Benefits Of Enterprise Mobile App Development?

There are a variety of benefits that a company can enjoy when they adopt enterprise mobile app development for their team. Some of the main benefits include the following. 

  • Improved collaboration that is streamlined and efficient
  • Lower overall costs for the business 
  • Uses existing smartphones so no hardware investment is needed
  • Offline access is available as well
  • Improved productivity from employees thanks to the increase in functionality
  • Accuracy 
  • Better data, statistics, and books to review as needed

These tools provide a business with a tremendous amount of flexibility, scalability and results. Enterprise mobile app development is one of the best options for leading a company into the future. 

Getting Your Results

In order to get the best from your enterprise mobile app development, you’ll need the right team on your side. With simpler solutions that can streamline your workflow and give your employees the tools to lead your business into the future, contact us today.