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How it Works

PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform is an open, low-code enterprise mobility platform, purpose built to rapidly design, build, run and analyze cross-platform apps.


It All Starts with Design

Create native, modern, smart app experiences. Whether you want to transform an existing web or Windows legacy application, or start from scratch, PowWow Mobile’s SmartUXTM allows you to accomplish both with speed, simplicity and agility.



  • Design modern mobile experiences seamlessly with SmartUX Studio, a powerful visual editor.
  • Easily drag and drop smart mobile controls like camera, GPS and Touch ID.
  • Leverage our pre-built templates to accelerate time to value.
  • Preview and publish prototypes and app designs for all device types.


  • Transform existing Windows and web legacy applications and workflows into modern native apps.
  • Build new mobile-first app experiences by easily connecting to any third-party data source, API or SQL.
  • Low-code, fully extensible via JavaScript.
  • Easily design and build for any iOS, Android, Windows 10 or HTML5 compatible device without the need to use device specific programming languages.


  • Run your apps on any public, private or hybrid cloud, or on-premises.
  • Connected experience across all devices with Smart Roam.
  • Preserve and enhance existing security requirements via device authentication.
  • Deploy apps using any EMM, MDM, or App Store.


  • Gain detailed insights into mobile app adoption, usage, activity and retention.
  • Analyze engagement level by understanding how the user is experiencing the app.
  • End-to-end system performance
  • Customized reporting

Don’t Rip and Replace, Modernize and Mobilize In Place

Transform IT from a cost center to a center of innovation. PowWow Mobile allows you to save money and time by leveraging your existing investments in systems and workflows and extending them out to mobile with no changes to the back-end application. With SmartUX you can design and deploy modern experiences, transforming the way you work. With no changes, turn your most legacy applications into applications of engagement, quickly and with no disruption to your business.

Our Patented Transformation Engine

Enterprise mobile applications are made up of a set of controls. Our patented Transformation Engine inspects the application, recognizes and defines how the controls and data are mapped, and exposes those elements within our SmartUX Studio. Our Windows DE sits between the application and the OS; our Web DE sits between the application and the browser; and our Java DE sits between the application and the Java Virtual Machine.

The PowWow SmartUX Controller holds a series of scripts that use the common scriptable API to drive the application. When you want to make a change (such as to update the customer name field in the app), the SmartUX Controller goes back through the API to the Transformation Engine, which makes the changes, and then pushes them back to the SmartUX Controller and into the user’s enterprise mobile app.


Your Apps, Now Smarter

SmartUX can create a brand new enterprise mobile app, or transform an existing legacy application, using a modern low-code approach without sacrificing the native mobile experience and native features your end users crave. Smart UX Studio allows you to rapidly design new smart mobile features and add them to your app. With these features and the rest of your app in place, you can custom tailor it to any device form factor. SmartUX Studio also allows you to configure how your app renders on the various mobile platforms. For example, on a tablet with a keyboard you will want to use the additional real estate for better productivity; on a watch you may only want notifications.

End-to-End Secure

Experience end-to-end security with SmartUX. Deploy the SmartUX Platform in your data center or in a secure cloud environment. You deliver native mobile apps via your Mobile Device Management (MDM) solutions that SmartUX™ Platform integrates with out-of-the-box. All of your existing application authentication mechanisms such as LDAP and Kerberos are leveraged so that transactions can leverage user credentials. You can upgrade your app security by adding device specific security features such as geo-fencing, hardware encryption and fingerprint authentication.